Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Summer Hack-stravaganza: Coral Wrap Dress and Stoplight Skirt

On day 2 of the Summer Hack-stravaganza, Audrey is sharing a delightful combination of two exclusive Project Run & Play patterns:


Wow!  Check out that stunning combination!  Here's the tutorial:

The first thing that needs to happen is the alteration of the skirt pattern pieces.  They have a waistband built into the pattern piece, but you'll be using the waistband from the Coral Wrap Dress pattern.  So remove the waistband part from the top of the pattern piece, and add 2" of length to the pattern piece at the lengthen/shorten line.

Next, construct the Coral bodice as instructed in the pattern except be sure to INCLUDE the short ends of the bodice when sewing the side seams.  (The instructions specifically state to NOT include the short sides, but this dress hack will be a faux wrap, not a true wrap.)

Next construct the waistband.  This tutorial works for both the wide and narrow waistband options.  Use the 2 back waistband and 4 front waistband pieces from the Coral Wrap Dress pattern.  Place 2 of the front waistband pieces with the right sides together.  Sew around 3 of the sides, leaving a short end open.  Turn them right side out, and you have created 2 ties.  
Now take the two back waistband pieces and place them right sides together.  One of these will be the back and one will be the front.  Sandwich one of the front waistband/ties in between the front and back waistband pieces across each short end.  Since the ties are sewn together and the seam allowance has been used, they will not be as wide the back waistband pieces.  Sew across both short ends.

Next, follow the instructions to construct the panels of the Stoplight Skirt.  Incidentally, you can use any of the 3 views of the skirt for this tutorial!  

Then it's time to put the top, skirt and waistband together.  All 3 of these items are sewn into circles, so it's just a matter of sewing the top to the top of the waistband and the skirt to the bottom of the waistband.  Be sure to not catch the long ties when you are sewing the waistband, bodice and skirt together.

  Mark the top and waistband into quarters, match those spots and then sew them with the right sides together.  After the top is attached to the waistband, attach the skirt to the bottom of the waistband in the same way.

For fabric links and more photos of this super fun dress, please visit Skirt Fixation.

See you tomorrow for more Summer Hack-stravaganza fun!!

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