Thursday, October 8, 2020

Meet the Designer: Florence of Florence Taylor


“Taylor” made Love.

Welcome loves , I am Florence and this is my  sewing  story.   I am in my late 40’s (GASP!!..  IKR lol)  and a mom of 3 amazing  humans: a son 14 and twin girls 12 years old  who I sew for.  I  started sewing  as a way to honor my mom who had passed away in 2015,  and  to help with my clinical depression.

I come from a family of sewist /seamstresses but until 3/15/17 never sewed anything.  Why make something when I could buy it , well a funny  thing happened I found “me”, the me that  loved colors, fibers, creating and bringing smiles to my kids. 

I will be honest after my mom’s death I was a different Florence, I was wrapped up in my grief and focusing on my pain and living in a world of black, white and grey.  I pulled away from everyone , the one person that loved me before I was a thought was gone. I started therapy and realized my 3 humans were  growing up and I was missing it, worse I wasn’t honoring the memory of my mom, her laughter, vitality, family and creating.

So I decided to learn to sew, I had an amazing friend that “lent” me her 1978 Sears Kenmore machine  to use. PS It’s what I sew on,  not a computerized  no serger or coverstitch, just this beautiful vintage machine that allows me to create wearable love for my family.

I sit at my machine mostly every night  after I finish work and mommy duties to make something for all of them. I pick colors, patterns and styles unique to each and because they are my babies ( even though my son is why taller than me and 1 twin almost my height lol) they  will always be my babies.   I love creating for them and with  varying shapes that are tall, muscular, compact and curvy shape,  I can “taylor” patterns to fit their shapes, styles  and still be functional, fly , fun and all theirs.

I try to learn a new sewing technique every few months and love clean finishes inside my garments. I love to use colors and feel each have a different energy and vibe  for each of them.  I can’t be there with them but in my sewing they wear my love. 

You will be able to follow me @ and hopefully you will enjoy the story of Florence +  her Sewing  Machine.

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