Monday, October 5, 2020

Meet the Designer: Randi of Cut Sip Sew


Hi! I'm Randi from Cut, Sip, Sew  and I am so excited to be competing in this season of Project Run and Play. My husband, 3 kids, dog, and I live north of Boston. When I am not sewing, I also like to do CrossFit and run. My great-grandmother is the first person to give me a needle and thread. She taught me 'chicken scratch' stitch so we could work on pieces together. I didn't seriously start sewing until my second child was born and my husband was gearing up for a deployment. I knew so little about sewing, I searched for beginners classes and found a quilting one close to me. This became my respite while my husband was gone. I loved being a part of the sewing community and quickly learned that I did not love quilting but really loved making kids clothes. I've tried to keep a vow to myself, to always try a new technique and never avoid a project because it seems scary. I have learned so much this way and it is maybe how I ended up competing in PR&P even though I feel like I am in over my head. I am very excited to push myself this Season and to learn as much as possible from my fellow competitors.

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