Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Season 24 Week 1: Lovely Layers

 It's time!!!!  Season 24 Week1 Designer looks!  I don't have butterflies in my stomach, you have butterflies in your stomach!

Be sure to check out all the details and then use the voting widget at the end of the post to support TWO of your favorite looks!  With out further ado, here are the Lovely Layers creations:

Tweens Studio - Roar Up the Mountain

                    Hi everyone. It is Fey and Jade here. Cannot believe that week 1 is finally here. I am so nervous but excited at the same time. For this week theme is Lovely Layers. Living in the tropical country, we don't really get the chance to layer up our clothing. It is mostly hot and humid here so when I found out about the theme, my brain went straight to the mountains. It is the only place where we actually need to layer our clothes.


I had been playing around with my outfits for weeks and still could not make up my mind which look I was going for. My daughter had been asking for this pleated skirts for months so I thought it was time for me to make it. I drafted this midi skirt as requested by my daughter. She is really into this midi skirt at the moment. As for the top, I saw something on Pinterest and had been pin it for years and here I used Alex Sweatshirt from Suco by Susana as my base pattern but hacked it into dolman sleeves styles and added puffed sleeves to give that dramatic look. Jade chose this dino baby terry fabric herself and insisted I used this fabric for this design. 

               I wanted the outer to be light but still give her the warmth when it gets cold. So I chose Linen for this outer and I am using City Lights Cape from Puzzle Patterns but changed the sleeves to be more boxy and also straighten up the bottom hem. I didn't add any lining on this one because I wanted to keep it very light outerwear so I just added facing to the front bodice and to the back so there wont be any exposed seams where the hood is. Then I added pockets because she always needs pockets. Even after I made this and took flat lay pictures, I still was not sure about the overall looks. But when my daughter put this on and seeing her face so happy, my mind was made up. 

You can read more and see more photos on my blog here tweensstudio.id and don't forget to vote! 😊

Cut, Sip, Sew - Fall Leaves and Autumn Breeze

I cannot believe week 1 is here! I wore myself out from overthinking how best to accomplish this look so I am very excited to present it to you. Fall in New England can mean lots of variation in temperatures. We can wake up to 40 degrees, by lunch it's a sunny 65, and by dinner it's back down to 50. I wanted to design a look that could stand up to those changes and maybe even carry us into colder months.  

For the base of this outfit, I wanted something simple with cute accents. I used the Call Ajaire Chromium Hoodie view B for the undershirt. This pattern is recommended for fabrics with less stretch but I knew it would be adorable in the light pink Art Gallery cotton lycra stripes. I used the Skiff tee from Jennuine Designs for the side vent but I made it much more dramatic by bringing the vent up a couple more inches. For the leggings, I used the Flash leggings (Jennuine Designs) and added a scallop to the bottom. I love that this base layer looks cute on its own as well as under layers. The corduroy jumper has been in my head for at least a month. With no closures, it's easy to throw on top of the base layer. The pink corduroy from Joann's adds a bit of warmth to the outfit. To create this jumper, I mashed the Jonagold pattern (Jennuine Designs) and the Overlay Top & Dress (Designs by Call Ajaire available in her shop Oct 19) and  scooped out the front and back V.  

The coat started out as a Louisa from Compagnie M. The simple lines of this pattern were a great base for the design I was considering. It took quite a while to decide how I was going to do the scallops and which way they were going to face. Ultimately, I decided that they looked best with a tiny bit of lining showing on the right side, almost like a faux piping. The navy plaid fabric helps the scallops pop just enough. This pattern originally features a collar but I wanted more of a funnel neck so I did a bit of altering to get that look. I shortened the height of the collar, lengthened it, and squared up the corners.The way it stands up will definitely help protect against the winds we get from living close to the ocean. Both coat fabrics are from Joann's. The final piece to complete the look was a hat. I went down a rabbit hole studying millinery techniques and decided the middle of a competition was not the time to learn a new trade. One day.. 
I knew Jennuine designs had a cute cap (Sweet Pea) that also had the 60's mod vibe I wanted. I rounded out the ears and the rest came together very quickly. 

I love the different combinations that can come from this outfit which helps us adapt to whatever the weather throws at us on a given Fall day. If you would like to see more pictures hop on over to Cut, Sip,Sew

Made by Kates - Ski Staycation

It's week 1 and I'm so excited to show off my 'Layers' look and share a little bit about us!  One of the first things that came to mind when I heard layers was skiing!  Our family moved to Utah 6 years ago and after living in a warm climate, we decided that in order to embrace the cold winters, we'd learn to ski.  We live 30 minutes from a beautiful ski resort and skiing has become one of our favorite family activities.   When we are dressing for the slopes the number one rule is to LAYER!  So in the year of cancelled vacations, I present all the layers needed for a Ski Staycation!  

From top to bottom, the layers include a ski coat, ski pants, fleece jacket, a cozy base layer, and of course - a swimsuit for a dip in the hot tub after a day of skiing!  For the jacket and pants, I used a star printed fleece backed water resistant softshell as well as a heavy duty water resistant navy blue fabric, both from Minerva.  I started with the basic shape of the Maxine from Jalie for the parka and added yoke detailing to the front and back as well as a gentle curve of contrast down the sides that continues down the sleeve.  There are magnetic welt pockets and a vertical zipper chest pocket - perfect to hold a ski pass and a little treat!  The inside collar has the fleece exposed making it extra cozy!  For the pants, I started with the basic shape of the Grady Pants from Sew a Little Seam.  I sized up and changed the leg shape to accommodate ski boots.  The pants are fully lined, have slant pockets, a zipper and waistband,  as well as an extra layer of waterproofing at the knees with some moto stitching details and double side pleats for optimum movement while skiing.  An extra band of waterproof fabric on the pant hem keeps things dry and mimics the hem band on the coat.  

I will be making me a matching fleece jacket ASAP!  I love this piece!  I started with the Page Hoodie from Chalk and Notch.  I added a collar as well as a placket in the raglan seam, with chunky wood buttons for the closure.  The top of the collar is trimmed out with leather detailing that is carried over into the sleeve exposed pocket.  The waist and wrist band contrast is the same tencel denim from the placket.  The super soft sherpa, which is actually a blanket I cut up, is lined with a buttery modal knit- making it the most comfortable thing to wear ever!  It reminds me of my favorite jackets from a high end outdoor brand.   The base layer is made from a fleece backed performance fabric, making it extra warm.  I started with the Movie Night Pajama top and added princess lines, as well as exposed pockets, perfect for some hand warmers.  I trimmed all the seams in the modal from the jacket to really make the seams pop.  I also added a turtleneck and of course - thumb cuffs! The pants started with the Leggins pattern from Love Notions.  I gave them a side seam and curve that extends to a back yoke, trimmed to match the top.  I also added stirrups to the bottom to keep them in place when putting on wool socks and ski boots.  And lastly - a swimsuit!  Nothing feels better than the warm hot tub after skiing and a bright swimsuit makes every winter day better.  I used the Mairin from Sew a Little Seam as my starting point and created a rainbow sunrise on the top half.  I changed the front and back necklines and added straps across the back of the suit to mimic the rainbow colors.  Perfect for sitting back and relaxing while sipping hot chocolate!  

See you on the slopes!!  Be sure to check out my blog HERE for more photos and details.  

Deriving Mommyhood - Pumpkin Spice Grunge

Week 1 is here! Lovely layers are perfect for our fall weather here in Ireland so I dove right in. Starting with big sister's look, I was inspired by fall and the American in me went straight to what I would wear while sipping some Pumpkin Spice. I started with her dress as nothing is more fall to me than plaid. I used a lightweight rayon blend to make a button down swing dress using Sew a Little Seam Birch as a starting point, adding billowy gathered sleeves and the swing skirt. Of course a lightweight flowy dress could use a fitted tank underneath so I went with a simple curved hem cotton lycra Key West tank, adding some Greatest Showman inspired vinyl to the front and back to give it a little more of this girl's personality.

Next, since it's impossible for anyone here to wear a dress without leggings or tights she got some faux denim jeggings,starting with the Sofiona Designs Rocky Shore tights and adding a high contoured waist and some metal side zips (zips courtesy of Minerva). A faux fur and leather gillette tops it off to keep her warm, I hacked a cardigan pattern to make it sleeveless, changed up the collar a bit, and used flat fell seams and leather bias binding from Minerva to finish it off. Plus a belt I created by upcycling a purse strap and adding some cool grunge details to cinch it all up! I love how she can wear each piece a variety of ways and mix up the layers for completely new looks.

Baby sister has a slightly different interpretation of layers, starting off with a dress that has a self drafted diagonally tiered skirt. I then layered galloon lace over more Sofiona leggings to go underneath, and an asymmetrical cardigan to wear over it for some warmth. I took a traditional cardigan pattern and added the asymmetry and gathered neckline myself. Last, she has a simple layered beanie topped in a faux fur pom. More details and lots more pictures over on my blog of course ;)

Annie Sewzalot - Autumnal Evolution

When I found out the theme for week 1, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I have always been a fan of clothes that can transform, so I immediately started brainstorming. It is autumn right now, and that means chilly mornings/hot afternoons, so being able to deconstruct your look to stay cool while also remaining super stylish is a must! My daughter, Dalilah, has been obsessed with skirts lately, so I thought it would be the perfect choice for her, but I wanted to challenge myself. I decided on 2 transforming pieces- a skirt that transitions to a purse/bag and a jacket with zippered, removable sleeves!!  When I thought about the overall look, I knew I wanted to draft a comfortable romper as the base layer so she could add and take away pieces to suit the current temperature. For the top half of the romper, I took inspiration from both the Nikko Dress by Little Lizard King and the Gibson Girl Blouse/Dress by Duchess and Hare. I love the neck tie and classic look on both! Neither pattern had exactly what I was looking for, so I drafted my own. I used a stretch chiffon that I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics and Kam snaps for the closure. I wanted the romper bottom to be somewhat slim fitting and light so it didn’t add too much bulk with the skirt layered over the top. I used a homespun cotton I found at Hobby Lobby. Dalilah and I both love ruffles so the ruffle at the top of the waistband was the perfect touch and it can be seen with or without the skirt.   

The skirt is self-drafted as well. Just a basic pleated skirt with an invisible zipper closure on the side with a chain link/leather belt. It took a bit of thought to figure out how to transform the skirt into a bag. I knew the hem of the skirt would need to be cinched in to close it up so I made a casing for ribbon in the hem allowance. Simply pull the ribbon to gather the hem. I added buttons at equal distances around the hem. I then added elastic loops to the waistband. These were used with buttons to hold up the gathered, bottom portion of the skirt, allowing the body of the skirt to become a bag. The belt is held on the skirt by belt loops at the side seams which allow it to fold up and become the straps. It is obviously not an everyday bag, but it works in a pinch to hold her jacket and other little treasures she finds along the way. 

I have always wanted to make Dalilah a faux leather jacket, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally take the time to draft the jacket I have been dreaming about for a few years. I started with Little Lizard King’s Madison pattern. I have made Madison several times, and the crop version hits exactly where I wanted it to. I quickly realized that I wanted to take a significant amount of ease out, so I used it strictly for length and redrafted the rest. This girl is very particular about things, and she doesn’t typically like long sleeves. If they are long, they must be cozy, so I went with an elbow length sleeve in faux leather and removable long sleeves in a super soft and floaty stretch chiffon. The jacket is fully lined and has one side of the zip sandwiched between the faux leather and lining at the ends of the sleeves. The chiffon sleeves are attached to the other side of the zip. Dalilah was very impressed that she could just take the sleeves off on her own. 

I hope you all love this look as much as we do and don’t forget to vote!!

Want to see more?? Follow me on Instagram at AnnieSewzalot.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, one designer is unable to complete this week. We always say family comes first, and support our designer in this decision!  That means all 5 designers will proceed on to Week 2!  But they still need your support...

This week's guest judge is Sherri of Sofiona Designs! 
The designers scores are determined as follows:

1/3 of the designers score is determined by the guest judge
1/3 of the designers score is determined by the panel of judges
1/3 of the designers score is determined by YOU, the audience!


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