Thursday, November 19, 2020

Project Lounge Library with Julia: Alice Dress, Becky Skirt, George Hoodie & Joseph Joggers

Hi, I'm Julia from Bobbins 'N Buttons.  I loved taking part in this collaboration working alongside such a talented team of designers and I love the theme we had to work with!

I decided to celebrate individuality and creativity with my pattern collection for this collaboration. I am a big believer in supporting my children’s interests and passions in life to help them… write their own story!

I have two very creative children. My little girl isn’t going to let dyslexia prevent her from dreaming about becoming an author, it's either that or an ornithologist! My little boy lives in the moment and loves to build things, he can also write a mean monster story that will have you on the edge of your seat!

We love reading, as well as silent reading I read to my kids every day, it’s a lovely time of day and a great way to inspire conversations. I have read all sorts of books including some of my childhood favourites. One of which is Alice in Wonderland. It always amazes me that this magical story was written so long ago yet is still captivating and inspiring today. 

The patterns I designed for this collection followed my usual ethos of being versatile, simple and practical. I wanted to create our own mini story through the photographs and the fabric and garment combinations. We created our adventure sprinkled with some Alice wisdom and curiosity.


Alice Dress

Alice is an A-line shape dress or top with deep ruffle detail over the shoulder. The dress has curved front seam with inseam pockets and fastens with an invisible zipper. The top has keyhole back neck fastening. Both can be made with or without sleeves and ruffles.  ALICE is named after the fictional character from ALICE in Wonderland. The story really brings to life a personality that we almost feel we know. Her curiosity and sense of adventure still inspire people over a century later. A modern day ALICE would definitely wear these frills on a modern day escapade.

Becky Skirt

Becky is a girl's pull on jersey skater skirt with elasticated waist.  BECKY is named after one of Julia’s friends that she met during pregnancy.  This playful skirt is perfect for little girls to dance through the day in, no matter what their adventure.

George Hoodie

George is an easy fitting sweatshirt style for boys and girls with optional lined hood.  GEORGE is named after the talented author George Eliot from the 1800’s who famously used a male pen name to have her work taken seriously. Today we can celebrate talent no matter what gender, race or colour. This hooded top can be created in whatever colour and pattern you like for boys and girls.

Joseph Joggers

Joseph is a slim fit unisex jogger for kids. The style has side pockets, optional knee panels and elasticated waist.  JOSEPH is named after Julia’s son. Having children was the main inspiration for Julia to start designing children’s clothing. These joggers have evolved over the years and are still a firm favourite. The original idea was for comfortable play trousers with added protection for the knees!

Project Lounge Library

This lounge wardrobe collection contains 11 loungewear patterns and the softie collection of your child's dreams!

The 11 garment patterns come in woven & knits, tops & bottoms, layering pieces, separates, one pieces, pajamas and more.  The patterns have a wide selection of sizes available, from newborn through teen.

Through this week we'll be sharing a sneak peek of each pattern and it's designer.

(Be sure to follow us on Instagram for a chance to win it before you can buy it...)

Everything in this collection plays off the Lounge Library theme.  From the names of the patterns to the fundamental designs.  From the detailed elements of each pattern to the photo shoot props.  From the locations to the fun story titles of each photo shoot.  

Come back every day this week as we slowly turn each page of Project Lounge Library!

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