Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mini Season 2 Week 1: Stash Bash

 Are you ready!  You're going to be so inspired to bust out those favorite hoarded fabrics and get sewing!

Before we show you the looks created by our two fabulous designers, we HAVE to tell you about what they'll be winning!  This week's sponsor is a long time supporter of Project Run & Play, Raspberry Creek Fabrics!  They will be rewarding these designers with $100 and $75 gift certificates!!!

One of our favorite sources of fabric is Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  Please help us thank them by shopping there when you have fabric needs.

Now let's have a look a the Stash Bash creations:

Into the Wilderness - W. Pratt Crafts

Inspiration can come from many places and when the theme for this week was announced I had no choice but to find some within my own stash! Knowing I wanted to make an outfit for my oldest, I gathered a handful of neutrals I knew he would prefer together and set to work. After seeing the Project Lounge Library Capsule I found some great options that would work with the fabrics I had on hand. The goal was to make an outfit he could wear for our outdoor lifestyle here in Colorado; something comfortable, functional, with an added personal touch. The base of his outfit was created using the Nini Noni Nightwear as his top. Unfortunately, I only had a short cut of the black and white stripes so having the built in color blocking not only added a cool detail, it also helped me save on fabric! I did have to piece together the sleeves to get them long enough for his lean frame, but where there's a will there's a way to stripe match to make it work.

I wanted to create staple pieces he could use and wear comfortably, while also giving him some detail you usually only get with custom made items. With this idea in mind, I used the Joseph Joggers and paired them with some wonderful black French Terry on my shelf from Amelia Lane Designs. But, instead of just plain black, I added a bleach and dye treatment to the fabric before sewing them together to create a fun splatter look. He absolutely loves the comfort of the fit and the detail of the newly created "print". Plus, combining a functional drawstring with the elastic waist meant he is able to comfortably adjust the fit as needed. He was easily able to hike, run, climb, and do just about everything you'd expect a kid to do in the woods. I have no doubt these joggers will be a regular in his daily rotation.

Because our weather often fluctuates between snowy and cold to sunny and temperate within the winter months, I knew he would benefit from a couple of outerwear pieces to help layer when needed without being too bulky in warmer temps. I lucked out and found some quilted knit to pair with this green woven fabric to make him a hooded vest, complete with multiple pockets, welt and zippered, for any treasures found by my rock collector. Then, inspired by our surroundings I added mountain-scape detailed stitching to the back to add a personalized touch. Finally, to top it off I found a piece of scrap leather and used it to make a custom embroidered trucker front baseball hat. I had every intention of stealing this hat, but after he put it on I'm not sure he's going to let that happen! Thank you for checking out our look and for more photos and details on how I created each piece please check out my blog post here.

Lounging Through Our Day - Love, Hazel Grace Designs

I was so excited to learn that my week for this mini season would be sewing from my stash. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have a pretty extensive fabric collection (a.k.a. stash) because that is Hazel's favorite background for pictures taken in the things I have made for her. I talked to all 3 kids and asked if they wanted me to sew something for each of them and gave them the patterns that would fit them from the Project Run and Play Lounge Library and asked them to pick one to use! They all made great choices!

Hazel and Jo wanted some day time fun clothes to hang out at home! They both picked rainbow themes but each has a different idea of what a rainbow is! Jo likes her grunge rainbow look but Hazel likes more traditional rainbows! Jo's look is the Story pattern combined with the Joseph Joggers pattern! She is all about comfort and style and these two patterns together pack quite the punch! Hazel's idea of comfort is something fun to wear and usually a dress! I combined the Novella Pinafore and Alice patterns to make Hazel's look! You may notice I added some extra twirl to Novella and if you look close you will notice that Alice is made from knit material and not the woven the pattern calls for, Hazel insisted that this material was perfect and who am I to say no! Both were comfortable as they played, read and danced to their favorite music!

As day turned to evening everyone wanted some pjs and the Nini Noni Nightwear pattern was perfect! The pattern goes to size 16 so Sam was able to join in on our bedtime dance party in mom and dad's room! All 3 kids were able to dance the night away in this perfect pattern! It may be winter here but my kids like to be colder when they sleep so I did short sleeves for all but if they wanted to have a pj day I kept the pants long! Hazel tends to be a little long legged so I added the ruffle for the shorts to her pants and gave her the length she likes! As their current favorite song says "watch me bring the fire and set the night alight," and they all did that as they danced until story time! Everyone has requested more of these PJ's though I have a feeling I will see Sam trying to wear his to school!

Thank you for letting me share my kids and their crazy style with you! I love them all so much and I love they could all express their style and favorite things just by picking fabric from my collection of fabric and the Project Run and Play Loungewear collection!  Please head over to my blog for more details.

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This is how the scores are being determined for Mini Season 2:

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50% of the designers scores are determined by the other 4 designers!

Some reminders:

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