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Mini Season 2 Week 2 Linguistics of Alteration

 Who's ready for week 2?  Put on your detective hat, you're going to need it for these FUN makes!!

Before we show you the looks created by our two fabulous designers, we HAVE to tell you about what they'll be winning!  This week's sponsor is a long time supporter of Project Run & Play, CaliFabrics!  They will be rewarding these designers with $100 and $75 gift certificates!!!

One of our favorite sources of fabric is CaliFabrics because of the HUGE selection.  Please help us thank them by shopping there when you have fabric needs.

Now let's have a look a the Stash Bash creations:

Cool Kids with Style - Naeh Connection

Project Run and Play Mini Season 2. Entry by Näh-Connection. Pattern Hacks of the Project Lounge Library Pattern Collection.

Wohoo, I'm so excited to be part of this mini season. Although, when I learned that pattern hacking was the theme for this week, I was a bit bummed. Why bummed? Because all these patterns are SOOO good already and I would have loved to just cut my pieces and follow the instructions. Well, I guess Audrey knew that I needed a challenge ;) I decided to sew an outfit for each of my kids. I didn't want to spend tons of money and ended up using mostly what I had in my stash. I only bought the fabric and notions for my daughter's jacket. So, let's dive in: The first outfit that I sewed was the one of my younger daughter. She already has a hand-me-down turtleneck shirt which suits her so well. So, I decided to turn the shirt of the Nini Noni Nightwear Pattern into another turtleneck shirt without the horizontal split. I LOVE the look of the Novella Pinafore and decided to do a pattern mash with the equally fantastic Prose Pants. I mean, look at that cuteness!!! Does it get any sweeter than little girls in overalls? Small details like the "Love" label and little horse button (which has been waiting for just the right project for quite some time...) as well as top-stitching (like on jeans) and cover stitched hems (of the shirt) make this a cute, yet professional looking outfit. 

Project Run and Play Mini Season 2. Entry by Näh-Connection. Pattern Hacks of the Project Lounge Library Pattern Collection.

My son (who btw. cut his own hair just in time for the photoshoot…) NEEDS comfortable clothes. Anything too close fitting, with buttons, zippers or woven (how dare you, mom?) fabrics won't get a lot of wear. I chose to make his outfit cool, fun and in case of the pants slightly oversized. It doesn't get more comfortable than that! I used the George Hoodie pattern to make a fun color blocked hoodie using up almost all scraps of red sweatshirt fleece that I had in my stash. A teal downward arrow in the front and a beautiful patch are unique details that are even teen-approved (my oldest daughter has asked already for a sweater just like her brother's). I really took my time to get the "Vs" of the arrow perfect. His pants are some hacked Joseph Joggers out of denim jersey. To give them the oversize, yet still sleek look, I added pleats at the waistline of both front legs. I used the slash and spread method to gain the additional width that then gets folded within the pleats. I also decided to let go of the leg cuffs. Instead, I lengthened the leg pieces and sewed turn-up hems.

Project Run and Play Mini Season 2. Entry by Näh-Connection. Pattern Hacks of the Project Lounge Library Pattern Collection.

For my oldest daughter I used the Joseph Joggers Pattern and some denim jersey, too. However, instead of going oversize, I cut them a lot narrower then the pattern suggests to achieve the look of denim leggings. Just as for the pants of the other two kids, I again topstitched all seams as you would for some jeans. I lengthened the legs and hemmed them, too. The last pattern that I used is the Story Pattern. I simply adore the look of this pattern and HAD to sew it for her. I remembered a sherpa jacket with oversized sleeves that I had seen a teenager wear in front of my daughters school some time ago. A rather cool look that I decided to sew according to my - and my daughter's - style. She chose the blue sherpa fabric and some pink notions for added visual interest (I just love the contrast between blue and pink). Besides the zipper in the front I also departed from the Story pattern by adding a hood and a hem band. Overall, a rather cool jacket, if I might say so myself. The pink label sums it up perfectly: OHHLALA. Do you want to see some more pics of all outfits and maybe some outtakes, too? Then, come check out my blog. Project Run and Play Mini Season 2. Entry by Näh-Connection. Pattern Hacks of the Project Lounge Library Pattern Collection.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Made of Starlite

I had *such* grand plans for my week on this mini season of Project Run and Play! Not only is the theme for the week right up my alley, (Pattern hacking! My favorite!) but my daughter and I also came up with a great sub theme as well that we are both super excited to make a full wardrobe with! Our sub theme for the week is "Somewhere over the Rainbow" which feels like the perfect uplifting theme for these crazy times. 😊  Anyway, two pieces into our mini collection, and I was hit with a nasty flu bug that rendered me completely useless for 8 days straight. 😑 Luckily I worked ahead, so we still have two little looks as part of our rainbow hack entry!

This first one really isn't much of a hack, because she loves the original pattern so much! The Story Top with it's puff sleeves is just so daring, all I did was add a ruffled neckband and some HTV to the front. My daughters has been *begging* for some overalls forever, and after a few (horrible) attempts to draft some pants for the Novella pinafore, I just went ahead and used a truly well drafted pattern: the Loveralls. 😍 These just come together so beautifully! Project Run and Play is the ONLY place to get this fabulous pattern now that Celina closed her Petit a Petit pattern shop! I used the last of this neon pink stretch denim from Mood that I've been carefully cutting for 3 years. I'm impressed that I squeaked three items out of the 2 yards!

The second look is this adorable rainbow tulle dress! We found the polkadot tulle at JoAnns, and built the look from there. If my uniform is sweats and fuzzy sweaters, my daughter's is leggings and knit dresses. I used the Nini Nomi nightwear for this dress, because I could use a longer portion of the tulle than if I added a skirt at waist length or another pattern. I went a little more upscale by lining the bodice to eliminate the neckband, which also allowed me to sandwich the skirt lining layer between the bodice layers. I decided to use a super lightweight woven fabric for the skirt lining, to help keep the dress as light and floaty as possible! I opted to keep the tulle entirely on the outside of the dress, not only to prevent stretching out the chest seam on an already wide design, but also because I love that cute little extra ruffle that all the Target dresses seem to have. 😉

So there we are! Two very bright, rainbow inspired looks! I have one very satisfied 6-year-old customer. Check out my blog for more photos from our colorful shoot!

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