Monday, January 18, 2021

Meet the Week 2 Designers: Annika of Naeh Connection and Jenny of Made of Starlite

 For the Week 2 theme, we tapped into the amazing talents of Annika of Naeh Connection and Jenny of Made of Starlite!  This fun team has been challenged with this theme:

Week 2: Linguistics of Alteration - Pattern hacking is our love language!  The biggest question this week is…will we even recognize the Project Lounge Library patterns when you’re through with them??

Be sure to find out the deal of the week at the end of this post after the designers introduce themselves!

Let's get to know Annika and Jenny better...

Hi, I'm Jenny!  Since being a designer on Project Run and Play in Season 21, I've stayed pretty active with the PRP community! I absolutely love collaborating for the lookbooks, and participating in the fun blog tours Audrey puts together. In the larger online sewing community, I still pattern test for Violette Field Threads and Sofiona Designs, but I've been quieter on the social media front since we jumped headfirst into homeschool this year! 2020 pushed us all out of our comfort zones, and though every day is definitely not cupcakes and adorable science projects, my kids and I are loving the time to learn together. We also got an exciting surprise over the holidays, realizing we will be welcoming a 4th child into the family this summer! 😊 You can find my sporadic sewing adventures on Instagram.

Hi, I'm Annika from Näh-Connection and I'm so happy to be back here on Project Run and Play. I was lucky enough to win season 11 and can't wait to see what this mini season will bring. As you might have guessed from that strange "ä" in my blog name, I'm not English. I'm from Germany. I live together with my husband and 3 children super close to the Bavarian alps. When I'm not sewing, I love to explore the outdoors, to travel, to take photographs of my family and nature and to get down on my mat for some yoga. During the last years I've turned my sewing passion into a business where I translate sewing patterns from English to German (and sometimes vice versa) and sell them through my site. I'm actually a trained scientist (Geophysics and volcanology rock! Yes, they do!) but being able to work from home and to take care of my children (especially during a pandemic), not having to commute, and being my own boss, suit my current needs much better. Plus, I get to work with some fantastic designers and awesome patterns. What's not to love about that?

Deal of the Week:

All of the Project Lounge Library digital designs are on sale for 50% off this week only!!!  (No code necessary, sale ends next Monday when we announce the next deal of the week.)

The Project Lounge Library digital designs are perfect to add to any project. 

Check out each of these digital designs:

Alexander quote “It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, YEAR”

The Book was Better

Bookmarks are for Quitters

 Professional Bookworm

 My Favorite People are Fictional

 Girl Reading Art

 Just One More Chapter

 The Library is Calling and I Must Go

 Limited Edition

 Once Upon a Time

Read Read Read Read Read

Some of my Best Friends are Books

 Story Teller

My Weekend is Booked

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world

Or get an even better deal when you buy the whole Project Lounge Library digital package!

Remember to grab your FREE tote bag pattern here in the shop.

Link up YOUR creations here for a chance to win.

See you tomorrow when the designers share their creations for the week 2 theme!!!

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