Thursday, March 18, 2021

That's Sew Kari x {Pantone Party 2021}

It's time to flex your smile muscles!  Kari from That's Sew Kari is joining the Pantone Party today and she's brought her happy place along!  She got to use fabric from to create her yellow and grey looks.  

We told you your smile was going to get a work out!  Let's take a closer look at these girls in their cute outfits:

                              Chromium Cropped Hoodie in Light Gray Bamboo Jersey Knit 

                            Banana Boat Tee in Light Gray Bamboo Jersey Knit with handcut rainbow in Yellow Cotton Lycra,  Light Yellow Cotton Lycra Knit, and a scrap of lighter yellow from my stash.

Here are some thoughts from Kari:

I've loved the color yellow for quite some time (I used it 3 of my 4 weeks on PRP!) and I love the punch of color it gives the photos and the happy feeling it evokes.  My oldest decided late last year that her favorite color is ... you guessed it, yellow!!   Imagine our surprise when we saw the Pantone 2021 colors!  I really love the contrast between the Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray.

While I have quite a bit of yellow fabrics accumulated over the years, I loved getting the chance to shop at   It's so easy to navigate the site and search just within the two colors by choosing the color filter.  I grabbed several solids in the Pantone color family on a few different bases.  I started out planning to sew just for my oldest, but couldn't resist adding in an outfit for little sis too.  I went for a sporty summer theme and used the Becky Skirt, Chromium Cropped Hoodie, Bodhi Boardskirt and Banana Boat Tee.  Both girls are thrilled with their new threads, but the Becky Skirt was declared the favorite!

Be sure to head over to That's Sew Kari for tons more fin inspirational photos and details!  (We want to know more about that side detail on the Chromium Cropped Hoodie!)

Are you feeling inspired to sew along?  Share your yellow and/or gray creations here.

Come back tomorrow when Courtney of Sweeter Than Cupcakes joins the Pantone Party.

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