Monday, August 2, 2021

Season 25 Dates & Themes!!

 Season 25 is coming...Season 25 is HERE!!!!

It's time for announcements leading up to Season 25.  (And by the way...can you believe we're on Season 25?!?!?)

Season 25 dates:

Week 1: August 16-20 
Week 2: August 23-27 
Week 3: August 30-September 3
Week 4: September 6-10 

Season 25 Themes:

Week 1: 1+1=School

No matter what school looks like for your child, they’re going to need something to wear!  This week, fashion some new togs to elevate the learning experience.

Week 2: Gimme Some Texture

Ah texture…the subtle star of the show!  It makes us FEEL so fine!  How can you produce texture in your creations this week?  

Week 3: To Dye For

It’s baaaack!  Tie Dye is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e, and just plain old dyeing is changing the way we see the world too.  This week, fabricate some looks to die/dye/diy for!

Week 4: Signature Style

Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste, and best showcases your skill set.

Aren't those amazing themes?  We are SO excited to see what you create using them!

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