Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Indigo Dress: Fabric Comparison

In keeping with our feature pattern this month, we are showing you the Indigo Pattern in a few different bases. The Indigo can be made in a variety of medium weight fabrics. Check out these examples to see how the garment wears in different fabrics.

First we have a cotton spandex. Cotton spandex works well for this pattern because it has the required stretch and structure. It does make the circle sleeves more stiff but cotton spandex fabrics make great play dresses. They wear and wash well and as you can see, twirl well also. 

Here we have a couple examples of this pattern being sewn with a rayon spandex. Rayon spandex is lighter, has more drape, but not as much recovery. The drape of RS makes the circle sleeves really dreamy but I found that the lack of recovery makes the neck opening too wide by the end of the day. With fabrics like this, I like to use a cotton spandex or something with more structure for the bodice lining. I have found this helps the garment from 'growing' too much. 

For holiday sewing, I have found that Indigo looks lovely in stretch velvet. It's a great mix of drape and structure and looks very elegant. 

Rib knit has recently become popular for apparel sewing. I tried the romper and dress version with rib knits and love the results. They look so comfy! Both are lined with cotton spandex for added structure. 

Indigo can be made with many different types of fabric. The pattern states that medium weight fabrics with a stretch of 25-40% are recommended. I bet a french terry would be super cozy for winter, a double brushed poly would be great for a kid who loves soft fabric, or use a bamboo blend if you like more natural fabrics. 

If you feel inspired, please join our Indigo sew a long in the Project Run and Play Fans group. We would love to see what you make! 

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