Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Chromium Hoodie Dino Spikes by Leslie

We are excited to share this really cool hack from Leslie today! Leslie will walk you through adding dino spikes to your Chromium Hoodie. Take it away, Leslie!  

Chromium Hoodie is fun a hit because it has such fun ear options. However if you a kiddo like me that insists on Dino Spikes rather than animal ears you will LOVE this easy hack!

Cut all the pieces for the plain hoodie.

Make a triangle pattern piece that that will be the spikes.  Make sure to take into consideration seam allowance.  The triangle side will also be dependent on how many spikes you want to have.

Cut mirror images of the dino spikes.

Then sew them together right sides together, leaving the bottom open.

The best part of these Dino Spikes is that they are stuffed to help them stand up!  I use a Poly-filler like this. but you can also just as easily use small fabric scraps to stuff the Spikes.

Once your Dino Spikes are stuffed, position them on the hood where desired. Spikes will be sandwiched between the two hood pieces.  Sew along hood as close to the stuff as possible. Pro-tip, from a non-pro , I used a zipper foot when sewing to bump up right against the stuffing. 

Now your Dino Spikes are Done! 

Construct the rest of the hoodie per the tutorial and now your kiddo can rock Chromium Hoodie with Dino Spikes. Enjoy!

The Chromium Hoodie is on sale until the end of January. Sign up for the newsletter to receive your $3/off coupon code! 

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