Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Colour blocked Chromium Hoodie: Janelle Davis

 Today, one of our ambassadors, Janelle, is showing us how she color blocked the Chromium Hoodie. This project would be great for using up scraps or just adding personality to your project! 

Colour blocked Chromium Hoodie

Hi.  Janelle here again on the project run and play blog.  Today I’m showing you how I hacked the Chromium hoodie to make this colour blocked version.  This is pattern hacking 101.  Super easy.

Before I started I blended the pattern pieces for 6 width and 10 height.  She is a size 5 chest width and between 9 and 10 for height, but we are mid summer here so I sized up.  I held the pattern pieces up to my daughter to determine the length of both the hoodie and the sleeve.  I used the cut line for the vented hem for size 6, so we are somewhere between cropped and full length.  I also used the size 6 line for the sleeve piece to allow for thumbhole cuffs.

I drew a line parallel to the CB/CF from the point where the neckline meets the shoulder to the hem.  I measured along this line from 1cm down from the top to 1cm up from the bottom.  (To allow for seam allowance.) I divided this measurement by 3.  I drew lines perpendicular to CB/CF at these 3 points on the line and cut the pattern along those lines.  I highlighted the pattern pieces, along my cut lines, to remind me to add seam allowance there when cutting the fabric.

Using the top piece, I measure down the sleeve from the underarm point the same amount.  I drew a line here perpendicular to the sleeve fold line.  The next line on the sleeve was the same length down as the line on the front/back piece.

I cut out the pattern pieces, adding seam allowance (with my quilting ruler) along the highlighted bits.

I layed out the pieces to make sure I sewed them together correctly.

I sewed the front pieces, the back pieces, and the sleeve pieces together.

I pressed and topstitched these seams to remove the waviness, as my overlocker was being a bit funky, and to help them sit nice and flat.

I then followed most of the pattern directions.  When sewing the sleeve and side seams, I pinned at the seam lines I made to help line them up.

I made and attached thumbhole cuffs.  My daughter loves thumbhole cuffs, and requests them on most hoodies.  I haven’t explained here how I made them, as I just used pieces from another pattern.  But I’ve made them 5 different ways and I tend to interchange them, just eyeballing the length of the sleeve.

I used a “normal” waistband as I didn’t have enough fabric for the vented hem.  I totally made up the length and width based on how little fabric I had left.  I like the vented hem, and might use that next time.  Although I liked the cropped length too, so maybe I’ll do that instead.  Or both!

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