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Chromium Hoodie Pocket Hack

 Hi! It's Randi from Cut, Sip, Sew. One of my favorite patterns is the Chromium Hoodie. It works for all your kids in sizes NB-16, which is an incredible size range! Ive made a few through the years but my favorite is the tunic length vented hem option. The cropped length is adorable and the regular length is the perfect staple but something about the vented hem just gives me all the heart eyes. 

I recently came across this dress from Gap and knew I could make that from the Chromium pattern. All I would need is the tunic length pattern pieces with hood, some added length and a pocket pattern. 

I apologize in advance, my pictures are dark. I am not really sure the last time we have seen the sun in the Northeast US. The weather has been very gloomy- perfect for sewing but not photographing a tutorial. 

If they are too dark to follow along, here's a video that should help: How to Attach a Pocket

Chromium does not have pockets so I used the pocket from Cedar Coat and Cardigan

First, I decided how much length to add to my bodice piece. I compared finished measurements of dress patterns I like with the tunic length Chromium and decided on 2" for size 5. 2" ended up a little short for the dress length I was hoping for so for the next two, I added 3". I printed my pattern pieces added the additional length and then worked out where the pocket should go.

I marked where I would like the pocket to sit on the side of the pattern. I compared a dress with pockets that my daughter was wearing and decided I wanted the top of the pocket about 5 inches down from the arm pit. This worked well for a size 5 but I would measure your own child or compare a RTW garment before deciding. 

I made a few marks before deciding on pocket placement so my pattern piece is a bit messy. 

Since the seam allowance on this pattern is 3/8", I decided to make my pocket opening at 1/2" so it would be visible but not huge. I marked 1/2'' on my pattern and then connected my notches with that marking. 

Here it is shown with the pattern piece cut where my pocket markings where. For the front bodice only, you will cut the pocket curve. The back bodice will stay straight since we are sewing the pockets in place on the front bodice. You will need to cut 2 pocket pieces, 2 strips for the pocket accent color, and the rest of your pattern pieces. For the accent color fabric, I cut two long strips at 1" and folded in half with RST. 

Then, you will need to align your raw edges and sew your accent fabric RST to the pocket curve with a 1/4" SA, stretching the accent fabric slightly as you do. 


Trim your excess accent fabric, flip the accent color so the seam is on the wrong side of the main fabric and give it a good press. 

Then, line up your pocket with your pocket opening and pin really well around the edges. This way, it won't move around while you sew. 

Your front bodice piece should now look like this. You can now follow the rest of the Chromium instructions. 

Of course it wasn't enough for the 4 year old to have pockets, she wanted pockets were her "fingers could touch" so I went back to my pieces and made another Chromium but with a kangaroo pocket. 

I used the same markings for the other pocket pieces but just made slits on my front bodice where the top and bottom of the pocket would hit. I cut 3/8" into the bodice from those markings.

You can see how this folds over nicely. To make the pocket, you have to add 1/2" inch to the width of the pocket opening on the top and bottom, and measure the length of the bodice. 

You can see here how I marked where the pocket will line up on the back of the front bodice. The lines are 1/2" from the pocket slits. I also added a small strip of interfacing to the wrong side of part of the pocket that will fold over. Once you iron on your interfacing, iron the pocket opening to the wrong side of your fabric and topstitch. The opening should be about 3/8" from the edge. Then, line up your pocket piece and pin really well. Sew the top and bottom edge of the pocket piece with a 1/4" SA. Give everything a good press and continue with the rest of the Chromium instructions. When it comes time to sew the side seams, be sure to side the pocket opening out of the way so that doesn't catch in your seams. 

These hoodie dresses are her current favorite thing to wear and I don't blame her! They are the perfect amount of snuggly and cute. 

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