Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Chromium Cropped Hoodie Fabric Comparison

Today we have a fabric comparison for the Chromium Cropped Hoodie pattern.  We've seen this fun pattern made up quite a few different fabrics for a good reason: it's such a great pattern with tons of different options! 

The fabric recommendations for the Chromium Cropped Hoodie are knits with at least 20% stretch, but not to exceed 75% stretch. Some options are stretch fleece, sweatshirting, ponte de roma, or french terry.

For the purpose of this fabric comparison post, I wanted to see how the Chromium sewed up if I pushed the envelope a little on the recommended fabrics.  So I tried a very thick fabric with a small amount of stretch and a very thin fabric with tons of stretch.  

Let's talk about that adorable Chromium made from Sherpa Fleece first.  It is very thick, and has some stretch, but is quite challenging to work with.  Obviously worth the effort as illustrated by the happy smile!

My thoughts on sewing with a thicker and less stretchy than recommended fabric: be sure to go up a size.  (Moment of truth: I did this because I was too lazy to print out his size and since I was already making one for his sister in the next size up, my laziness worked out in my favor!)  It is still just a little tight getting it over his head, due to the thickness and lack of stretch.  To solve this, the neckline could be widened and cut lower in front.  Another thing, I skipped the topstitching everywhere except the neckline to deal with the extra thick piles of the sherpa fabric.

And now my thoughts on sewing with a thinner and more stretch fabric than recommended: think about going down in size unless you are going for a slouchy look.  My daughter is right at the top of this size, so again it worked out in my favor.  You can see that the funnel neck on this Chromium does not stand up as intended, but it's not a horrible look either.  She will be wearing this one for quite a while as it's big enough and she loves it!

Here are quite a few more examples of Chromium's sewn up in fun fabrics:

The cover Chromium Cropped Hoodie in a thick sweater knit by Call Ajaire

A boy version of Chromium Cropped Hoodie in french terry by SewSophieLynn

 Chromium Cropped Hoodie in bamboo jersey by That's Sew Kari

Chromium Cropped Hoodie in black sweatshirt fleece by Sew Haute Blog

Striped Chromium Cropped Hoodie in cotton lycra by Cut, Sip Sew

Tye Die Chromium Cropped Hoodie in sweatshirt fleece by SewSophieLynn

Be sure to grab the Chromium Cropped Hoodie pattern here in the shop.

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