Friday, April 29, 2022

20+ Food Inspired Tutorials and Patterns

 Continuing with our inspiration from Season 26, today we have 20+ food inspired tutorials and patterns!  These are really going to get your creative juices flowing...(pun intended?!)

Adorable fruit stripe skirts!

Speaking of fruit, how about the very trendy Fetta Purse pattern?

Cinnamon Cardigan pattern...keeps you warm and cozy inside, just like it's namesake!

It doesn't get any more fun than wearing Pudding Pants!  Here's the pattern.

Super fun pumpkin hat tutorial

The Sorbetto Swimsuit pattern is VERY refreshing!

All smiles all the time in the Hot Chocolate Hoodie & Dress pattern.

The Fragola Top & Dress pattern will be a summer favorite, just like strawberries!

Rosemary & Thyme Shirts will add flavor to any wardrobe...

It'll be a feast in the Limone Lounge Set.

This Apple Hat tutorial is even better than a cherry on top!

What kid doesn't love ice cream?  The same can be said for the Parfait Polo pattern!

Pineapple shaped purse?  Check that one off the list with the Frutta Purse Pattern!

Lemon Tee is the one that we Can't. Stop. Making.

Craving something sweet?  Try the D'Anjou Dress!

Sewing the Turnip Up Trousers and Shorts is the most fun you'll have in a long time!

Everyone needs to sew at least 1 Up Beet Tee & Dress in their life, just to up their sewing knowledge level!

The Caraway Cardigan could have been named the potato chip cardigan...cuz you can't make just one!

The Banana Boat Tee is one they'll beg you to sew for them over and over again!

This one is a STEAL of a deal!  The Bacio Basic Tee is truly a winner.

Pure gold with the Jonagold Jumper pattern!

Love it?  Pin this so you can find it again later!

Next we announce the Season 26 sew along winners!

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