Monday, May 30, 2022

Audrey Sews Project Jet Set

 It's Day 12 and we're delighted to be spending time Cancun with Audrey from Skirt Fixation!  

Just check out all those fun and colorful makes from the Project Jet Set pattern collection!  She managed to sew up at least one thing from every pattern...let's hear more:

I absolutely adore this latest collection!  I just couldn't stop sewing it and ended up making 20 things from the Project Jet Set patterns!  Let's start with the boys swimwear looks.  

All 3 are wearing Reef Beach Rashies on top.  Oh, and do you see the lizard from the Cancun travel poster on one of them?

The baby is wearing PB Swim Shorties on bottom, in the long, non-ruched version.

To top it off, all 3 are wearing Camper Hats!  The two older boys are sewn from board shorts fabric, so they'll work in the water too.

The 2 older boys are wearing Singapore Shorts made from board shorts fabric too!  There are swim bottom linings underneath, watch for a tutorial on that coming soon.

The boys are also wearing Cancun Cover Ups!  (Baby got one too, but was being particularly decisive about which pictures he was going to attend and which ones he declined the you'll have to go over to Skirt Fixation to see his!)

Big sister got a Sevilla Top made from rib knit.  She chose to pair this with an Evergreen Skirt (you could achieve a similar look from the Cruise Culottes, but she's out of that size range.) made from rayon challis from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

She's also sporting a Passport to Paradise Mini Backpack!  (Better look over at Skirt Fixation, you'll want to see more!)

Big Sister also got a new Saltillo Swimsuit with a flounce and strap ruffles!  She really fell in love with the PB Swim Shorties after seeing them on her baby brother, but was way out of that size range.  (I told her to stop growing, but...)  So we achieved a similar look using the Rimini Romper by starting cutting at the waistline and using the instructions from the PB Swim Shorties to add side ruching!

Little Sister got a new swim set too.  She's wearing a color blocked Saltillo Swimsuit!  And on the bottom, those are the Cruise Culottes made from boardshorts fabric.

Finally, Little Sister hit the jackpot with a new Overlook Woven Raglan!  (You MUST see the details on this one!)

And of course checking the spinnability of the new Too Wild Dress was top priority.

Head over to Skirt Fixation for more photos and details on this colorful Cancun look.

All the swim and board shorts fabric plus the rayon challis for the Evergreen Skirt are from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  There's a very good reason for this: when you need very high quality fabric for a very reasonable price, you turn to Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

That's it for a dozen days of amazing worldwide looks from the Project Jet Set pattern collection!  Where you do you think we're heading next?

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