Saturday, May 28, 2022

Jennuine Design sews Project Jet Set

 It's Day 11 and we're in Heaven because we've made it to the in the Italian countryside with Jenn from Jennuine Design!

Her girls were dressed in the most chic outfits for our Italian adventure!  First we rambled around the countryside and ended up exploring Verona.

We toured the stunning old town while these girls wore their Overlook Woven Raglans and Cruise Culottes.  Plus they topped it off very smartly with Camper Hats!

Next we ambled over to Vicenza where we were treated to more idyllic and historical views.  One of the girls had changed into a Rimini Romper and the other made a smashing hit in a Sevilla Top and Too Wild Dress.  

Jenn said she's gotten all her fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and we can certainly see why she chose them!  Amazing quality and perfectly suited for a day in the Italian countryside (or any countryside!)

Be sure to head over to Jennuine Design to see all the details on these looks and more!

Where do you think we're heading next?

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