Thursday, May 26, 2022

Call Ajaire Sews Project Jet Set

 Following our super fun day in Lisbon with Suco by Susana, we headed over to Sardinia for Day 9 on our Project Jet Set adventure.  On this Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, we met up with Ajaire of Call Ajaire and her girls for a fun day hike!

As we've come to expect from Ajaire, her girls were decked out in the CUTEST clothes from the Project Jet Set pattern collection.  We just had to know more details...

Sardinia is known for its gorgeous sea views, but maybe less known is that it has amazing hiking. Rocky cliffs blend with lush greenery and tropical flowers.  So my thoughts behind choosing this spot was that the girls would be hiking up a rocky trail, looking at the vegetation along the way. 

Just check out this fantastic look made using the Reef Beach Rashie pattern!  The long sleeve coverage is perfect for a long day hiking.  This beautiful fabric is from and is super durable for land or sea!  Oh, and we spy a vesper from the Paris travel poster too.  And how about those adorable Singapore Shorts?!?!?

And then there's this cutie!  She's wearing a Rimini Romper made from swim fabric from
  This is such a genius idea for kids (like ours!) who hate getting their clothes wet...unless they're wearing swimwear!  The Rimini Romper is topping off a pair of PB Shorties, and that little ruching side detail just couldn't be any cuter!

You'll want to be sure to do 2 things: 1 - head over to and pick up some amazing fabric for yourself!
2 - Head over to Call Ajaire to see more of these adorable looks!

And now we have a plot twist!  Our flight to the next destination was delayed, so we're spending tomorrow in Sardinia too!!!  Stay tuned to see what we discover there...

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