Friday, May 27, 2022

Sardinia Again on Day 10!

 Since our flight was delayed, we get to spend a second day in Sardinia!!!  So of course we scheduled another hike with Ajaire from Call Ajaire!

Check out what her daughter was sporting today:

Look at that stunning Rimini Romper!  That's the kind of clothes they'll wear and wear, and remember when they're adults too!

Plus on her back is the most divine Passport to Paradise Mini Backpack!  Every single one of these we've seen we immediately want to replicate!  And check out the removeable wallet with the Life was meant for adventure digital design on it!!!  Would it be okay to make one of these for an adult?  Asking for a friend! ;)

Once again we HAD to know where Ajaire got her stunning fabrics, and she shared it: Little Cocalico.  We're so glad to know about this source of fabric that is high quality and offers custom fabric printing on 21 different bases!

Be sure to head over to Call Ajaire for more photos and details.

We were SO glad for the extra day in such a gorgeous location with such good friends, but tomorrow we're heading off for a new destination...wanna come along?  

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