Monday, August 29, 2022

Back to School: Copy That Look

Did you know Project Run and Play has an Amazon Shop?! We are officially Amazon affiliates, and we've stocked the shop with all our favorite sewing supplies, fabric and notions, and the cutest accessories! Because everyone knows that a great outfit is not complete without awesome accessories to match. 😏 All the links in this post lead you to the shop, so make sure you poke around and see all the goodies we picked out!

Instagram is our favorite source of inspiration for kids fashion! From small boutiques and one woman internet pop ups, to the main stream chains, all the way to super high end fashion houses, you can always find something to jump start your creative process.

Today, we are featuring a few looks from Lola and the Boys, a children's boutique out of Chicago, with an awesome online shop as well! Everything is super bright, colorful, and EXTRA, which you know some of us here at PRP totally love. 😜 Items are seasonal and tend to sell out (because they are so fun!), plus sizing is limited, as they are a small boutique. We've rounded up some of our favorite looks from their current Back to School line up, and sourced the perfect fabric for you to sew up some new high power statement pieces that really embrace the energy of childhood. 😄😄😄

This shiny raincoat was one of the first things to pop up under the Back to School tab, and it is almost identical to the one made by Jenny of Made of Starlite for the Project Smooth Sorbet lookbook in 2021!

She used the David Raincoat and some fun holographic fabric from the cosplay section at JoAnn's. Lola and the Boys used sequin fabric under clear PVC. Surprisingly, one of the best resources for clear vinyl for raincoats are shower curtains! They are the perfect weight for raincoats. Grab one of these shower curtains, this cute sequin fabric, and this metallic bias binding to copy the look!

How cute is this simple sweatshirt?? It makes us happy just looking at it! 😄 This would be incredibly easy to re-create. Start with our most popular sweatshirt pattern, the Chromium Cropped Hoodie, use our favorite stretch French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and these cute patches from Amazon! (You'll need two packs, because you only get one of each letter.) Throw in some blue rib knit and break out the Bookish Beanie to complete the look! You could also go this route, and show your hometown or favorite destination some love.

I don't know if you've noticed, but patches are EVERYWHERE right now! Here's another great idea that kids will love helping with. Let them choose the base color and patches, and go to town! Basic patterns really let those patches shine. The Jingle Joggers have a side stripe option built into the pattern, and the Touka Sweater is another great option for a crew neck sweatshirt.

And look at this! This outfit uses a design that is one of the best sellers in the Raspberry Creek Designer Studio. It does not come in this colorway, but many designers are happy to accommodate re-coloring requests if you message them!

If you want to go completely over the top extra, try one of these ombre sequin dresses!! A simple Noel Dress would do the trick, or use the Infinite A-Line Dress and add some puff sleeves.

We found the perfect sequins on Amazon, which is basically the universe saying: "Someone please do this!!" 😍😍😍😍😍

Sequins are not a beginner fabric substrate, but they don't have to be scary! Just remember a few tips from our resident sequin expert, Jenny at Made of Starlite, and you will be a pro in no time. 

One: Use separate fabric scissors/rotary cutter to cut sequins. they are plastic, and will dull your blades faster than you can say sparkle! 

Two: Sequins are super itchy against skin! Even the fabric side of sequins is not fun to wear. Make sure to line everything with something soft (we like super cheap interlock lining), enclose all seams, and bind necklines and sleeves to reduce areas where skin will rub the sequins. 

Three: If you are using large sequins, take the time to remove them from the seam allowance of the fabric. You can use a seam ripper or small embroidery scissors to cut the sequin off, rather than unpicking the thread, which may unravel the whole row. This step won't be necessary for the micro sequin fabrics that we've linked to in this post, but larger sequins can cause issues in the seam. So while it may be tedious to remove them up front, you will be so much happier in the long run! 

See?! You can totally sew with sequin fabric! Easy Peasy! And since you're now a sequin sewing master, go ahead and order an extra yard or two so you can whip out a coordinating Senpai Bomber Jacket while you're at it. 😏😏

Are you totally ready to sew all the things now?! Stay tuned for one last look from a PRP designer, more Instagram inspiration, and don't forget to check out our amazing Amazon shop!

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