Thursday, August 25, 2022

Back to School Tour: Skirtfixation x Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Today Audrey is sharing more Back to School inspiration!  Prepare to take notes...

Audrey used a whole bunch of patterns from the Project Lounge Library collection and some of the new Back To School fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics to create her back to school looks!

Project Lounge Library patterns

Hmmmm, what have we here?!?!!?  Let's take a closer look...

Nini Noni Shirts

Hello there!  I'm so delighted for the opportunity to use Raspberry Creek Fabrics back to school line to create some new school clothes for my kiddos.   It was really hard to narrow down exactly which patterns and fabric to use, as they are all so great!  Finally, in true Project Run & Play style, I narrowed things down by coming up with a theme; Library Lovers.  In our house we LOVE books (and visits to the library) so much that it was a natural fit.

Another thing we adore is the Project Lounge Library pattern collection.  If I could only choose one to sew...whew!  I'm really glad I don't have to!  Anyway, for this big guy, I used the Nini Noni Nightwear shirt and favorite pens cotton jersey knit fabric combined with teal green waffle knit fabric.

Project Lounge Library boy look

On the bottom he's wearing the Joseph Joggers made using olive green french terry knit fabric.  Next time I'm saving this fabric for me!  He loves the Joseph Joggers because of the cozy fit, and I love the knee patches that make them more durable.

Prose Cargo Pants

His little brother also got a Nini Noni Nightwear shirt made of  pencil print cotton jersey fabric and teal green waffle knit fabric.  He paired his shirt with some Prose Cargo Pants made from black rayon linen fabric, both from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Little sister got a new Story dress!  She adores dresses, and the fun chalkboard stripe print on this one makes it just right.  I've never made the Story pattern using double brushed poly, but it worked out really well.  The only change I made was to shorten the neckband just a little bit so it still lays nice and flat.

George Hoodie

Little brother got a great new outfit too!  He's wearing a George Hoodie made from teal green and grey waffle knit fabrics.  It's super soft and squishy and we had such fun color blocking it.

Nini Noni Shorts pattern

He's also rocking a pair of Nini Noni Nightwear Shorts made using leftover chalkboard stripe print double brushed jersey fabric.  It used such a small amount, and it's so adorable, I just had to, right?!?

And of course we HAD to take a silly photo with the free 1st Day of School printable signs created just for us homeschoolers!  The joke is that often homeschool kids do not know what grade they are in because it's not like public school.  So of course the kids had to act silly, hold the "1st Day of ?" sign upside down and laugh a lot!

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Nini Noni Nightwear shirt

Joseph Joggers

Prose Cargo Pants

Story dress

Nini Noni Nightwear Shorts

George Hoodie Pattern


pencil print cotton jersey fabric 

favorite pens cotton jersey knit fabric

teal green & grey waffle knit fabric

olive green french terry knit fabric

chalkboard stripe print double brushed jersey

Remember to get your free 1st Day of School printable signs!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more back to school sewing inspiration!

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