Monday, October 10, 2022

Project Art Studio: Super Tough Jeans & Degas Dungarees


We're so excited to get these two patterns from Project Art Studio into your hands!  

Susana from Suco by Susana Is back and the patterns she has designed for this collection are giving us all the heart eyes.   Susana competed on Season 20 of Project Run & Play. As you've probably come to expect with any pattern she designs, they are solid wardrobe basics you'll end up sewing a TON of for your child! And the inside finishing on these patterns will blow your mind! We love good inside construction and hers are fantastic!

Super Tough Jeans

Slim fit jeans designed for boys, with just enough ease to move freely.  A staple to turn to when you need jeans for your boy that he can play in, wear to school, throw himself on his knees and slide on the floor, and not be worried about tearing holes in it.

Degas Dungarees

Susana has some of our all-time favorite patterns in the shop! Once you have sewn up one you are going to want all of the others.

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