Thursday, February 16, 2023

Pantone Party Hypernature

 Today we have a little bonus feature for the Pantone Party! Art Gallery Fabrics released the Hypernature Lookbook last week and Lindsay of PACountryCrafts was able to sew up a gorgeous outfit for her daughter with this new line. The Lush Foliage Vivid rayon goes so well with our Viva Magenta Pantone Party that we just HAD to include it here! 

Art Gallery Fabrics Hypernature

For this look I wanted to sew a maxi length Evergreen Skirt with the rayon. It turned out so pretty! I also made a little hair tie to go with it from the scrap fabric. For the top I sewed an Indigo but lengthened the bodice and hemmed it to sit just at her belly button instead of using the band on the shorter crop top version. It is one of her favorite patterns so I did size up as I am sure that she will be wearing it for a very long time! 

Hypernature Pantone Party

Indigo Top Sewing Pattern

Hypernature Rayon Skirt

Indigo Top and Evergreen Skirt

I had never sewn with Art Gallery rayon or knit fabric before and I was super impressed! It is such soft, high quality fabric and it was lovely to sew! They have a really nice selection of coordinating knit solids and I used Camouflage for the Indigo Top. As another accessory, I crocheted a triangular shawl and I am sharing the pattern for it on my blog today!

Art Gallery Fabrics Viva Magenta

Thank you again to Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring the Pantone Party 2023! We still have several more designers who used their fabrics so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more Viva Magenta!



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