Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Call Ajaire's Pattern for Project Under the Sea

 It's so awesome to have Ajaire contribute a pattern to Project Under the Sea!  And since her patterns are some of your favorites, you know you're going to adore this one too!

Hi! I'm Ajaire from Call Ajaire and I've been blogging and designing over there for many years now. I live in Maryland with my husband and two daughters (10 and 2.5), though my husband and I are originally from Massachusetts and will always consider that "home."

Morgana Cover Up sewing pattern

The Morgana Zip-Up pattern is for a zip-up sweatshirt or cover-up that is comfortable, yet stylish.  It is designed for use with minimal stretch fabrics, so it is perfect for all of those super soft fabrics with little stretch that you've been saving for just the right use.  There are two bodice styles: cropped and dropped waist.  Cropped is designed to be at waist level and the dropped waist is meant to be at the hip.  With three views for each of the bodices, there are six views in total.  Views A, B, and C use the dropped waist bodice and have an optional front pocket.  Views D, E, and F use the cropped bodice.

View A is a full length cover-up with two tiers of subtle ruffles that is calf height.
View B is a cover-up with just one tier of subtle ruffles and should be about half the length from hip to knee in height.
View C is a zip-up hoodie that is slightly oversized with the length at the lower hip height.
View D is a cover-up with two tiers of ample ruffles that is knee height.
View E is a cover-up or tunic with one tier of ample ruffles that should be about upper thigh height.
View F is a cropped zip-up that is waist height.

All views have a hood and the option of short or long sleeves.  With sizing from newborn to 16 years, the Morgana Zip-Up will be your go-to pool/beach layering piece! 

We'll see you tomorrow for the next pattern in the Project Under the Sea collection!

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