Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Project Under the Sea with Made of Starlite

 Finishing out the tour for this amazing summer pattern collection, we have two more contributions from our team! Today, we have the over the top Mermaid Lagoon collection by Jenny of Made of Starlite. Don't miss Lindsay of PA Country Crafts and her Land and Sea looks tomorrow, then the launch of our lookbook on Friday, which is packed with all the best inspiration from this amazing tour!

I will not lie: I've been planning this collection for a LONG time! Ever since the announcement for the live action release of The Little Mermaid a few years ago, I knew we needed a mermaid themed pattern collection. So I quietly bided my time, and waited and planned for Disney to finally announce the official movie release date, then bullied the rest of the team into making Project Under the Sea our official theme for this summer's pattern collection by bombarding them with images from my secret Pinterest board. 😆

We got together with two of my daughter's closest friends, and had the most epic photoshoot, complete with glitter in their hair that is still stuck to their scalps days after the fact. They're already planning poses for the next group photoshoot! The highlight for everyone were these Lagoon mermaid tail skirts, Ariel view. 

More details of all my pattern hacks can be found on my instagram, so please enjoy the eye candy with only a few comments!

Swimsuit patterns are, from left to right: Pike Swimsuit with a rouched center panel hack and the  Calliandra Dress flounce as a skirt; Pike Swimsuit with two Reef Top flounces; and Minnow Swimsuit with part of a Calliandra Dress flounce on the front.

Though they were all dying over the swimsuits and mermaid tails, all the girls were super excited to wear their casual outfits to school together next year! I started with the set of mermaid panels from the fabric collection, and made a piece for each girl to pair with bottoms from the collection.

This outfit is the Seafoam Skirt (made using pre-cut tulle rolls from Hobby Lobby!) paired with a Yawn Sleep Tee from the Project Happy Holidays pattern collection.

Everyone, (moms included!) agreed that these Seaside Shorts were their favorite piece of the causal shoot! The fit is just fantastic, and the button details are to die for! 😍 I paired them with a puff sleeve Lagoon Top, and hand sewed some extra sequins to the panel for that little something extra.

My daughter was all over the Mermaid Off Duty panel, so we put it on the back of a cropped Morgana Hoodie. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I outlined the shell with seed beads for a little extra sparkle! We paired it with a Lagoon tee underneath, using short sleeves from the Multi-Hue Henley (did you know that Lagoon and the henley are the same base pattern?? That means the sleeves are interchangeable!) and a Lagoon skirt, the Arista view.

This cute friend has the most beautiful hair, which I thought was especially fitting for the Mermaid Hair panel. Isn't she just gorgeous? 

Of course I can't do a collection without some fancy dresses. I went a little crazy and made five!

This is the Calliandra Dress with a Seafoam Skirt. I used angel sleeves from the Indigo Dress pattern from Project Street Style, and extended the bottom ruffle on the seafoam to three times the length of the others.

This is the Calliandra Dress, just as designed. It's such a beautiful pattern! I saw the glass bubble necklace on Pinterest, and just knew we had to have them for the shoot. 

This is a Lagoon dress with the Calliandra Dress skirt and Indigo Dress sleeves. I scooped out the back neckline 1/4" and just had her put it on backward to get a nice boatneck in the front and a cute scooped back!

You can see Calliandra has maximum twirl!

I did make a straight Lagoon dress with the Arista skirt, because of course we are huge fans of tulle skirts! And purple dresses!

I found this amazing sparkle knit at JoAnn's, and it so perfectly matches Ariel's dress from the end of the original Disney cartoon, I HAD to have it! I started with Lagoon, but this one required quite a bit of hacking. Maybe we put it in a future PRP collection??

I hope you enjoyed my passion project!

Thank you, Jenny! Don't forget, this week we are having a FLASH SALE on the Reef Top and Seaside Shorts! Use the code reef23 for 30% off the Reef Top and the code seaside23 for 30% off the Seaside Shorts!

Lagoon Dress, Top and Skirt

Pike Swimsuit

Minnow Swimsuit

Seaside Shorts

Calliandra Dress

Seafoam Skirt

Morgana Zip Up Hoodie

Reef Top

Project Under the Sea Pattern Collection

Don't miss the last designer looks tomorrow, followed by the drop of our Project Under the Sea Lookbook on Friday!!!

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