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Mini Season 3: Round 2

 Are you ready for Round 2?

We have no idea how you are going to be able to decide between these fantastic looks! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see them both and cast your vote!

Sharply Dressed - Deriving Mommyhood

Sharply Dressed- Deriving Mommyhood

I am excited to be back for Project Run & Play Mini Season 3!

For my Copy that Look, I went with a look from Sparkle in Pink, a shop I found from searching previous Project Run & Play pinspirations. I wanted to make sure I selected a look that would work well for her for school as this is her first year going!! Comfortable shorts and tee shirts are school essentials....but that doesn't mean they can't be a little extra also.

I did struggle a little in choosing that it seemed everything was too basic. Nothing particularly innovative for me to try. But ultimately, I tried to push myself to incorporate as much as I could to jazz this one up while keeping with the inspiration.

Copy that Look - girls back to school outfit

Now for the details!! For the shirt I used the Little Lizard King Zafra top because really the inspiration was identical. For the pencil design, I used heat transfer vinyl and layered it up. I also deviated from the inspo to add some pom pom trim to the ruffle, it ties into the necklace and adds a little something extra.

Next up, I tackled the shorts. The inspo ones appear to be a knit but I knew I wanted crisp scallops at the hem so I went with a linen blend. I started with the TinTin shorts from the Project Run&Play shop, but cut them wider to have a bubble effect, and added lots of length to the hem to accomodate the scallop finish. I also increased the height of the paperbag waist so that it would really stand out.

Details on girls pencil themed outfit

I made her a necklace and hairbow to match the inspiration as well. The bow started with Tully from Little Lizard King and I changed it to be shaped like a pencil, adding details in heat transfer vinyl.

Last up....the inspiration flatlay has that big prop pencil so when I saw the Pointillism Pencil Pouch in the Project Run & Play store that aside from adding her name and using some difficult fabrics is pretty much the pattern as is. It is so cute though I wouldn't change it!!

Cute Girls School Outfit

I didn't have black glittery sandals laying around to style it with but her simple black Old Navy ones I think coordinate quite well. Happy Back to School!! Hope you enjoyed my inspiration vs. reality....I think I nailed it, what about you?

Cute Girls Back to School Outfit

Read more about my look here!

Sentiment De Joie - It's Liesel

Sentiment de Joie by It's Liesel

My girls were so excited to do this mini season with me. They insisted that they would be my models, reminiscent of the last season we did. Now that I knew which kids I was sewing for, I hit up my screenshots album on my phone. Where better to collect the inspiration that floats past when I’m scrolling? The ivory and beige floral print swimsuit you’ll see below, was a recent save, and I instantly knew that was my jumping off point. The design is from Joyfolie, a clothing brand that is full of feminine inspiration. After that decision was made, I found some more looks from them, to inspire both pieces in this entry. My entry is titled Sentiment de Joie, which means Sense of Joy, in French. A nod to the brand I gathered inspiration from, and from my own sense of joy in getting to participate in PR&P with my girls again! They were both a crucial portion of this from approving inspiration, keeping me company while I sewed, and of course, modeling.

Joyfolie Knock Off Design

The burgundy dress is from a vintage cotton woven solid I collected from my local remnant shop. It’s a beautiful, earthy color, perfectly capturing the vibe I was hoping for. The bodice began from the Timeless Tunic pattern from Patterns for Pirates, thoroughly modified, with a gathered neckline, bias bound openings, fit tweaks, and a cut out back with a bow at the neck. The waist band was inspired by Patterns for Pirates Grace dress pattern, and the skirt was self-drafted, high-low, with a high-low ruffle also. I made those as wide and as long as my remnant allowed. But getting creative within constraint is always rewarding. 

Tween Girls Outift

My initial inspiration piece became a dress with a handkerchief hem plus ruffle. The fabric was found after a lengthy search, and ended up coming from Raspberry Creek Fabrics custom print shop. I was able to scale it to match the look I was hoping for. The bodice began from the Hepburn pattern from Patterns for Pirates, again, heavily modified. Fit was modified, the ruffle was self-drafted, neckline and armscye modified, neckband added, and the skirt is a self-drafted gathered circle skirt, cut into the handkerchief hem shape, with attached ruffle. I used nearly all of the 4 yards of knit I purchased!

Mini Season 3: Copy that Look

Thank you for letting me share this with you. It was such a rewarding project! If you want to see more pictures, and descriptions, you can head over to my blog.

Girls Outfits Inspired by Joyfolie

Don't forget: You can win prizes too! Get the details to enter our sewalong HERE.

Please vote once for your favorite "Copy that Look" using the form below. The poll will close on 8/31/23 at 8:00pm EST.

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