Friday, November 10, 2023

Project Night and Day Embroidery Designs

We are so excited to introduce our first Project Run and Play brand embroidery pattern!!  

Project Night and Day Embroidery Designs

The Project Night & Day embroidery designs are out of this world!  With them you can create so many celestial designs.  These designs come in small, medium, large, and Xlarge.  There are options for beginners, and more those experienced with a needle.  Use them to elevate any project.  Several of the Project Night & Day patterns are perfect for these designs including the Sunshine Scrunchies and Rain(Bows), the Constellation Collar, the Little Dipper Bag, the Outer Space Ties, and the Daybreak Belt Bag.  Actually, we can’t think of anywhere we wouldn’t put these designs!

The small designs include stars, the crescent moon, a moth and a butterfly.  

small celestial inspired embroidery designs

luna moth embroidery patten

monarch butterfly small embroidery design

The medium designs include a vine wrapped star, vine wrapped crescent moon, a Luna moth, and monarch butterfly.  

vine wrapped star embroidery

moon celestial hand embroidery

butterfly hand embroidery

luna moth hand embroidery

The large designs are composed of a night scene with a crescent moon and star, wrapped in vines, and a fluttering luna moth.  There is also a large day design made from a flower filled rainbow.  

celestial hand embroidery designs

flower rainbow hand embroidery

The Xlarge design is a stunning rainbow composed completely of flowers.  

floral rainbow embroidery design

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Project Night and Day

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