Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Designer Introduction- Jen and Autie of iCandy Handmade

Hi there!
We are Autie and Jen, the two friends behind iCandy Handmade.  We both have two little kids and we are lucky to be able to stay home with them. A love of "making things" brought us together for this blogging adventure, and we both love it so much!  Though spare time is limited in both of our lives, we love to use it to make things for our kids, ourselves and for our homes.

Hey!  I’m Autie {short for Autumn}.

I’ve been ‘crafty” my whole life, as growing up, my mom always had fun projects for me and my sisters to do. I inherited from her that love for creating things, but I only learned how to sew about 8 years ago, just before I got married.
My mother-in-law taught me how to quilt and sew to pass the time in between baseball games {this was back when my hub played}.  I LOVED it, and was soon off making quilts and skirts on my own.  I am still very much a rookie, and I’m nothing close to a seamstress, but practice makes perfect!  
While I do have a love affair with my sewing machine, I also love to dabble in paper-crafting, painting, embroidery, appliqué, refinishing furniture, etc., and I love all of it. 

I am so excited for this fun challenge!


I grew up with an artist father and a musical, crafty mother and luckily inherited some creative genes, which help me stay sane in my {neverending} job.   

Fabric is my medium of choice, though very infrequently I dabble in other types of craft.  I love to design, make and remake clothes - mainly for me and my little girl.

I learned how to sew when I was fifteen, a skill that came in handy when formals and prom came around.  It was so fun to make my own dress just the way I wanted it, and my date got a matching bow tie and vest! {Whether he wanted to or not...}  I thought it looked pretty cool, especially the lacy flowered ones.  :)

I started a fashion design program in college, but it didn't work out, and ended up graduating in English instead.  After all these years, my fashion designing dreams never went away, and so now in a small way, I hope to revive them.  Here is to old dreams and new beginnings! 

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