Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designer Introduction- Lex of Made By Lex

First and foremost, I’m a stay at home mother to three beautiful daughters and  have been married for eight years to my elementary school sweetheart. I could stop at that and be completely satisfied.
I didn’t go to design school, or have any lifelong dreams of doing this. It happened a little more accidentally. A  few years ago I began sewing small things for my daughters, like baby blankets. It slowly progressed to clothing for them and then on to clothing for me. I found myself horrible at patterns and only truly happy when making my own designs. And now here I am. I create my own designs for women’s clothing and accessories and currently all my items are hand sewn by me. It’s the best accident that ever happened to me.
My designs reflect functionality. I love versatile pieces that can be dressed up and down, multi-layered and have an element of comfort and sophistication. I love to designs pieces that are timeless and classic- that you could wear years from now and still look and feel great.
I love designing and sewing and am so grateful to be able to do what I love doing. I love fashion and style and expressing yourself through your dress. With it all, remember that it’s not the stuff that you have or wear that makes life important. In the end what we have or own doesn’t matter. What matters is our hearts and the way we love.
You don’t need money, status or influence to create something of beauty or substance. You need heart.

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