Monday, August 29, 2011

Designer Introduction- Jessica of Me Sew Crazy

Hi there. I am Jessica from Me Sew Crazy, and I am so excited to be a participant in this Season's Project Run & Play!

Like you, I was addicted to Season 1 - waiting with bated breath every week to see what the contestants would submit, who would be the winner, as well as what the new theme would be! Inspired by each weekly challenge, I found myself playing along at home...and now here I am!

I first got into sewing about 5 years ago, when I was rather abruptly relocated to another country with a newborn. I didn't know the language, had no friends, and was a first time about culture shock! Looking for something I could call my own, I stumbled across sewing. Having always loved the arts, growing up painting and drawing, when the urge to learn how to sew came I didn't think twice. And after a 10 minute explanation from my Mother about how to thread a machine and straight stitch, I was on my way!

It has become my passion, and I am so thankful to have realized this gift later in life. I love the touch and feel of fabric - the beautiful bright and vibrant colors, or the soft and gentle muted tones - all of the different textiles as they call out to be used. I love having it around me, and have a never ending list of things I want to try to make! I am inspired by blogging and reading other blogs, all of the different ideas that are out there to see, learn and share. It is truly a wonderful advantage to any seamstress. And I love sharing my creations with you! Sewing has been a gift to me, and it is my goal to pass that gift along.

Now with 3 kids underfoot and living back in the States, I still consider myself new to the sewing and blogging world. I love knowing that there is a wealth of information out there for me to discover! Project Run & Play is a great opportunity to stretch my limits, try to learn new things, and think outside the box.

I hope you like my creations!

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  1. Jessica, I am so glad you are competing. I have been reading your blog and I think we are both "sew crazy!". You are so talented, I can't wait to see your creations!


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