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Week Five- Halloween and Harvest

Before showing you all this week's amazing designs, I wanted announce the winner of our Freshly Picked giveaway. Our winner was comment number 6-

mamacitamax said...

Burnt Sienna for that baby that should be here in about 8 months! (a bit excited is an understatement)

I also needed to post a correction. I phrased this week's theme as being Halloween and Dress-Up, but initially when emailing the info to all of the designers, I listed it as Halloween and Harvest. I thought the idea of some beautiful harvest inspired outfits would be great as well so don't think anyone is cheating because they didn't do a costume! Now that that is out of the way, enjoy! :)

Jessica G.'s Changing Leaves -

I contemplated this Halloween / Harvest Theme for quite some time before deciding upon a design. I really wanted to do a costume, but for the life of me just couldn't think of a single thing that I actually WANTED to make. While we do celebrate Halloween in my house, I ended up leaning towards the Harvest theme....and who doesn't love the changing colors of the leaves in Fall?!!

I wanted my dress to be extremely tailored, yet whimsical at the same time. Throughout the competition I have strived to keep my looks true to myself, things that my children would actually wear on a daily basis. But for this particular week, seeing as how it is costume inspired, I thought I would push the edges ever so slightly.

With a tailored fitting bodice, cap sleeves, and off kilter circle skirt with alternate lining, this dress pulled off the exact look I was going for. I also handmade the belt as I wanted it to match the bias trim exactly, and appliqued the hand cut leaves. Lastly, this dress officially ended my fears of the dreaded button foot...I used it for the first time because 17 buttons is no joke! I don't know if I will ever hand sew a button on again now - lol.

Although I may not see my daughter wearing this particular dress for any reason outside of this competition...unless you know of an upcoming Harvest Fair in which my daughter can be a part of! I can see changing the fabric / colors / appliques to make it more appropriate as a flower girl dress for a wedding! Which makes me feel like I have ultimately done my job as a designer.

For more pictures from this Photo Shoot, please head on over to Me Sew Crazy! Thank you so much, and I hope you like it!

Alida's Cruella Deville:
I had a major "make it work" moment this week when Caroline fell down the stairs and broke her arm :-( The poor baby has a fracture in each bone above her wrist. To make matters worse, her cast couldn't fit into the sleeve of her Cruella coat! I had to run to my craft room and re-do the whole thing and make a poncho, which actually turned out pretty cute!
She looks a little disheveled here, this is actually the last shot of the shoot as she was taking the poncho off, but Ellie looked up at me and smiled and I just couldn't help but include it.

I made Ellie a doggy costume that can double as a bunting for when it's cold this Winter. She loved being warm and snuggly! It is my first bunting with a zipper and I have to say I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out.

Cruella is all about glamour so I made a red ruffle fabric dress for the base of her outfit. I usually like little girls to wear a higher waist but a drop-waist dress is fitting for the time period. Her dalmatian poncho is made out of soft polar fleece for extra comfort and warmth. The fur trim is from a collar I purchased at an antique store. Of course the feather wig is my favorite part...stay tuned for a tutorial!
Look at that face...totally Cruella!

Make sure to visit me at I Make Stuff for more photos and details about our botched photo shoot. (What? A 2-year-old with a broken arm and a teething baby don't make great models? Sheesh, I shoulda hired professionals.)

Simple Simon and Co--Disney's Up

Young Ellie to Young Carl: You don’t talk much. [ long pause] I like you!

When we heard that costumes were on the agenda, we both knew exactly the costumes that we wanted to make---- you see in our community this summer we have had Disney UP-mania. A local builder, built a life-sized Up house that is awesome and amazing....and we wanted to make some amazing UP! costumes to go with it. So, here is our Carl and Ellie Fredricksen.

For Carl's outfit, we wanted to go with his iconic look in the movie. It is complete with some wide-leg, chocolate brown trousers, with extra, extra large cuffs at the bottom to mimic his pants in the movie. He has his vintage "Dick and Jane" shirt on with handmade suspenders and a bowtie, and with his stylish glasses--we think he is one cute Carl.

And our darling Ellie has one of our favorite dresses from the movie-- the picnic scene under a tree in the opening vignette. Her 60's mod jumper dress has a fitted bodice, with a full twirly skirt, added sash and some extra large buttons. As our weather is sometimes very iffy in October, she has an added white peasant shirt to keep her a little warmer.

To read more about each of these looks, head over to Simple Simon & Co today.

What a fun adventure day we had. Carl and Ellie, dozens of balloons, and two very happy kids running around playing out every movie scene.

And our hope for these's the same as Ellie's last message to Carl.

Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own.

iCandy - DJ Lance

This week, we were challenged to create a halloween costume or harvest look.

I was super excited because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love making costumes!

All of our kids already had plans for their costumes, except for my youngest,

so we thought we would create a costume just for him.

After tossing aside idea after idea, one night, it came to me.

It was perfect.

Autie (and everyone else I shared the idea with)


So we got to work.

Autie is the genius behind the hat, isn't it perfect??

She made the pattern, we bought some crazy expensive orange fur, and added some foam stars.

Painted thrifted shoes, a foam faux-belt-buckle, thrifted painted glasses (which didn't stay on very long), and handmade orange, yellow and white jammies complete the look.

And yes, if you're wondering, this really is the Yo Gabba Gabba set. We have friends in high places....


Come visit us at iCandy handmade for more details!

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  1. This is the hardest vote yet!!!! They are all so great!!!! Gotta get my kids to help me and we'll go with majority rules this round. :)

  2. They are all so cute but I am have to go with Carl & Ellie.

  3. none of them deserves to get the boot thsi week - what great jobs they did!!!!

  4. Where do we vote? I go with Carl and Ellie. Adorable!

  5. I hope that folks aren't being persuaded by the "fancy" locations and are truly looking at the creations this week. I'd hate to think that the backgrounds made a difference in the way that voting goes... not everyone has friends in high places.

  6. Fancy locations or not, each of the designers have put in tons of time and effort on their projects. Everyone should vote for who they love. Great job ladies!

  7. Oh my gosh, we are supposed to decide between these??? HOW??? They are all simply amazing!

    And I totally agree with "Unknown" above. Everyone did a wonderful job.

  8. After carefully looking over each I decided on the Me Sew Crazy design. It has SEW many possibilities for all year round and even I can wear it. The Cruella Deville is great kids costume idea.

  9. So hard this week! Having had to make a Foofa costume two years back for my niece, I know how difficult something like that can be and that's a perfect DJ Lance costume. I love Cruella Deville, the puppy, and the up costumes. To be honest, the only one I'm not crazy about it the harvest dress....

    And now, to start working on the underpinnings of Bit's "Nice, not scary pumpkin, but with big teeth and fangs." costume with a matching one for her baby sister.

  10. I simply loved the Carl & Ellie costumes!


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