Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kate's Mod 60's Designs Breakdown and Bow Headband Tutorial

First of all thanks for voting! I was so surprised by the results. :) I had so much fun designing this look, it was really the best kind of sewing. I had a vision of a Twiggy outfit in my head and was pleased with how it turned out!

I drew my own patterns for all the elements of the outfit. I thought I'd just breakdown the dress and coat so you have a basic outline if you're wanting to make one, too.

This dress is really quite simple, but the little details like the length and peter pan collar give it that sixties feel.

This coat was more labor intensive and took a few weeks to complete and perfect. I interfaced the entire bodice with pellon fleece interfacing. The coat is a basic pattern that I drew up. The sides flair out because of two large side gores I sewed into the seam. The oval pockets are lined with rayon and sewn on with a double needle topstitch. The edges of the pockets are raw, but fleece doesn't fray. The sleeves are basic long sleeves. The collar was the hardest part. I used the pattern pieces to make center front facings and line the whole bodice. Whew. 

big bow headband tutorial

First cut out your pattern pieces based on the diagram below. All measurements are in inches.

The hexagon shapes will be the floppy ends of the bow. We'll start with those. Fold in half and sew the sides up.

 Clip corner and trim edges if you want.

 Then turn right side out.

Repeat this for the other side.

To make the bow part, fold over and hot glue both edges of the long stripes. You'll repeat for both long strips and the short strip as well. Now, stack your bow pieces up as shown below. The long strips will be folded in half.

 Dab some glue in between each layer and then wrap it with the short strip.

 You can insert a headband, elastic, or a bow clip.

And you're done!

I'll be sharing more in-depth tutorials on parts of the dress and the coat on my blog see kate sew in the next few weeks. You are also welcome to check out my inspiration and original sketch of the coat.

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  1. Velcro closure with sewn on buttons is such a good idea!

  2. love the coat and dress! Will you be posting info on how you made the dress too?

  3. i love that vintage sheet... i have some that i don't know what to do with, all bright and flowery... i have all boys. great job


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