Monday, July 9, 2012

Skirting the Issue: Simple Simon and Company

Ok, so today it us...I know, I know you hear from us all the we'll make it short and sweet.
Here are two very different skirts but both wash and wear well. 
(Which is good idea when making clothing for girls in foster care.)

First of all we have Elizabeth's Denim Pencil Skirt 

 and then we have liZ's Skirt with Fringe
Like I said, two very different skirts...different styles and different fabrics but both would work wonderfully for our foster care girls.  (Just click on the links for the full tutorials!)

Then...if any of you have been working on skirts to donate and are wondering where to send them go to this post where we have addresses posted or leave a comment in that post if you have an address of where you are going to donate them locally in your area.

Also, if you are donating a skirt do not forget to take a photo (one photo) of each skirt you are donating and then upload them into the FLICKR group to be entered to win one of our awesome gratitude gifts including a Brand New Singer Sewing Machine!!!!!

Ok, so that is that! 
So sew...(Please...remember our goal is to have 100 skirts donated to foster care by Aug. 10th so that they will be there in time for back to school).

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