Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet the Designers: Marte from Compagnie M

Hello! I’m Marte and I blog over at Compagnie M. I’m really excited to be here today. This is my little story on when I started to sew and how this passion became my fulltime job. Compagnie-M_julia_t-shirt_fragile_fabric_adult_version 1
One day I got pregnant and as an expectant mother (of twins), I wanted to create something for my babies but I didn’t own a sewing machine. Luckily my partner, Bjorn, did! He collects everything that smells like old stuff and one day he got this lovely old sewing machine from his parents as a present. What a nice gift! So this very old, manually driven Singer, became my very first sewing buddy. But except for sewing straight, straight and straight, it wasn’t really helping. And to be honest with you: I was a lousy one-hand-sewing-lady! After investing in new machines & some lessons, I started to feel the urge to share my creations: my blog, Compagnie M. was born! logo-01
What once was a small blog became a true adventure! Besides sewing I started to draw my own patterns and felt the urge to share them. The reactions were so heart warming, that I took the decision to turn my passion into my job! A dream came true. I’m living on Cloud9 ever since and I hope this feeling is here to last! But of course I’m not just floating around. I’m selling kids clothes’ sewing patterns with a twist. Patterns, you like to sew as a mum and that your kids love to wear. That’s why I choose Compagnie M. as a name. I guess we all have the same goal. We want to create garments our kids love. I just draw the patterns and I let you and your creativity do the rest! Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 7
Thanks for reading my little story. I hope my creations will inspire you! Marte from Compagnie M.

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  1. wonderful introduction marte! i really wish you all the best for the coming weeks! i feel that you have a really good chance to get to the finals!

  2. I'm so excited to see you on this season Marte! Good luck!!

  3. Good luck Marte!! I will follow this season like none before :-)


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