Monday, January 25, 2016

Meet The Designer: Natasha from Glitter+Wit

My name is Tasha Early, and I am pretty much obsessed with sewing (you may know me better as Glitter+Wit). I live in Springfield, Missouri with my husband of eight years and two kiddos: Emerson (age 4) and Felix (age 2). I am a SAHM turned WAHM--I love sewing so much that I actually design and manufacture my own children's clothing and accessory line in my home studio! I have been sewing for eight years-- in that time I taught myself the basics, enrolled in university sewing courses, worked for two years as an alterations seamstress, and sewed every single thing my daughter wore for over a year. I started a sewing blog, made friends with many amazing seamstresses around the world, sewed and blogged like crazy, and eventually stopped blogging altogether when I realized I could actually make a business out of sewing. I started selling my handmade clothing and accessories a little less than two years ago, via my online shop and at indie craft fairs in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. I eat+breathe+live sewing--any and all hobbies I have revolve around sewing. I love shopping (for fabric). I love watching movies+television (while I sew).

My sewing style is very eclectic. Much of my inspiration is derived from the fabrics in my studio--I love working with different textures and mixing prints. My sewing skill is certainly fine, but I feel my real strength comes from my eye for color and the unexpected way I combine fabrics, textures, prints, and techniques. If you click around my poor, neglected blog you'll get a feel for my core sewing aesthetic. And if you have a peek at my shop, you'll find the kind of sewing I've been up to more recently. I have always been competitive, so naturally competing in Project Run and Play has been a dream of mine for years! This season is going to be crazy good. Crazy, because I always procrastinate. Good, because THOSE THEMES + THESE COMPETITORS. 

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