Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet The Designer: Ren from The Inspired Wren

Hello Project Run & Play! I’m Ren Murphy a sewer, crocheter, designer, and blogger. While my husband's at work and my daughter's in school, I fill my time by scattering random threads into every corner of my home and by sharing inspired sewing, crochet, and crafts at The Inspired Wren. I’m so very excited to be here this season.
Ren is short for Renée and I'll answer to either and probably not even notice which you use. I had a career as a graphic designer for 12+ years until my daughter, The Peanut, was born. The online sewing community and sewing blogs inspired me to get back into sewing after a decade and half hiatus. They introduced me to PDF patterns and changed my game by teaching me to go off-pattern—to completely alter a pattern into something else, to mash two patterns together, and to draft my own patterns—before that I would never have dreamed of straying from the directions of the Big Four.
I began The Inspired Wren two years ago in part because I was inspired by contestants on Project Run & Play and I wanted to join in. I can’t believe I’m here! Now I blog to inspire in turn: showcasing what I’ve made and learned; producing engaging tutorials and patterns; and being an active part of the on-line sewing community (like this group of amazing, talented women in Season 11—how lucky am I right now?!).
When I sew I’m thrilled by clean lines, neutral colors with bright accents, femininity without twee, and youth without ruffles. I’m excited to see what everyone produces and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been inspired to create for each of the challenges this season on Project Run & Play. Until then, come visit The Inspired Wren for a look back at previous PRP sews and maybe a few sneak peeks of this season, too.

Here’s to a great season for all of us!

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