Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Meet the Designer: Terri of Sew Straight Patterns

Hello, hello everyone! My name is Terri and I run a pdf pattern company called Sew Straight Patterns (formerly Sew Straight and Gather)! I am so excited to take part in Project Run & Play and am honored to have been selected as a designer this season. Thank you Audrey for inviting me to participate, I can't wait to share my makes and see what everyone else creates too (fan girl over here).
My passion for sewing started after I had my daughter -- I wanted to dress her in all the cute outfits but since I couldn't afford all the outfits I decided I would try to sew them all and down the rabbit hole I went (now I realize that sewing the outfits was NOT cheaper than buying them LOL). I started my blog about 5 years ago and like many other sewists in the community I started it to document my sewing journey, at the risk of sounding cheesy with a bit of nostalgic -- PR&P was in large part the reason why I started the blog (like, more than 80% why I started it). I needed a platform that I could use to "link up" my makes during the sew alongs, so in 2013 up went my first blogger blog and started my journey to now. It can be rare to discover your passion in life and rarer still to have the opportunity to practice it while being supported and encouraged by family and friends. I am grateful to say I have had this in my sewing journey. This has allowed me to become an entrepreneur, start a small business, and really do what I love.

This last year has been filled with evolving my skill and continuing my education as a designer, pattern drafter and seamstress so I don't know if I could explain my design aesthetic in a simple phrase, probably because I'm still evolving in that area as well. I do love simple, classic and modern styles -- rolling all of that up into a outfit is kind of where I sit on the fashion spectrum. Hopefully my designs speak to my personality and vision, I'm excited for you to see the aesthetic nature in my designs this season.  

You can check out my website/shop and past PR&P sew along attempts here :
Sneak peaks of my makes for this season on instagram: @sewstraightpatterns
Again thank you for having me as a guest on Project Run & Play I am so excited to sew along with some epic talent this season! 

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