Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Meet the Designer: Christina of Kaeferlgschaeft

Hey! My name is Christina and I am the designer behind the label „Käferlgschäft“, which means something like “bug company”. 
I live in Töging, a small town near Munich in Upper Bavaria, Germany with my husband and my three adorable boys.
My mom is always wondering, when she sees my sewing creations – as I kid, I had two left hands and I hated crafting. 
When my first son was born, I always wanted to sew those tiny clothes so I sold an old gold coin which I was given, when I was born.  With this money, I bought my first sewing machine…Now, I own four of them and I can´t imagine a life without my hobby, which means so much to me.  Being creative, sewing sustainable fashion and seeing the proud sparkle in my boys` eyes makes me really happy.
I also love my professional life as a teacher for special education.  There for example, I ran a little sewing company with seven girls who were very talented and sewed little trousers for babies. 
I am so excited and happy to take part in “Project Run and Play Season 20”. 
So many talented women in one bunch can only lead to an explosion of creativity.

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