Sunday, February 16, 2020

Digital Design Tutorial: Hand cutting and Screen Printing

It's Day 7 of our Digital Design tutorials.  The final day!!!  (Be sure to come back next week...we've got a HUGE event planned!)  This one is very soothing and satisfying!

Today Miranda from Inspinration is sharing a tutorial on how to use hand cutting and screen printing to create a pajama themed print.

Hi, today, I will show how to easily adjust designs when hand cutting a screen print stencil. A few days ago Jenn already showed you how to screen print a design with a stencil and today I am showing the same printing method but a different preparation method for the stencil. 

I also have a SIlhouette, and actually let the machine cut my first stencils, but switched to hand cutting after my first designs. Jen apparently did it exactly the other way around and started with hand cutting, which underlines that there is not ONE way to be creative and that you should choose the method that fits you best. I personally like hand cutting because it feels very zen, it is like coloring for grown ups. Besides liking the process, hand cutting also gives me full control over adjusting some lines without having to use a photo editor software. 

It is possible to directly print on the stencil, but I work very frugally and copy from my window. This way I do not have to adjust my printer paper setting (I am lazy / risk averse like that). I print the design on a piece of paper and tape it to the window. Then, I tape the stencil on top of it. I use a child marker to draw the design on my stencil. I like to keep things simple which means that I like printing one color and having as few pieces as possible. This means that I usually slightly change a design to decrease the amount of pieces that I have to store. I like re-printing later but I have the tendency to loose small pieces.

In the third picture you can see how I connected the"o" and "n"  to create one piece out of the word "on".  During drawing I actually forgot to make a hole in the O (to avoid having to store the middle circle of the 'o" for later use), but I adjusted this during cutting, as you can see in the picture with the cut out words. After cutting the cloud I re-cut the cloud itself again taking of about 3 mm all around the cloud. Then I cut the words from the cloud. This way I can now use the pieces to print two different ways. One, the originally designed cloud and two, a version with the outline of the cloud alone. Hand cutting all pieces for this cloud print took me less than 15 minutes. 

After cutting, I placed the stencil on the shirt that I wanted to print on. Usually, you would first put painter's tape on the sides of the stencil (to avoid ink leaking next to the stencil) before you place the screen print on your fabric, but I felt adventurous and just made sure that I stayed away from the sides when I printed. By placing the stencil on the shirt and then placing the screen itself on top of it. By first placing the stencil before attaching it to the screen you have full control over positioning the print. After printing the fully blue cloud, I took of letter from the screen and printed the cloud with narrow outline by only adding some white paint. The original blue blended with the white giving a very neat effect. 

I did the same outline trick with the HiBearNate print. I first cut the bear on outlines of the original design and then I took off another 2 mm all around. By cutting the outline twice you can easily create these rather thin lines. I also adjusted the front of the letters a bit such that I did not have to store cut outs. The "a' for example is not fully closed. I loved the print so much that after I printer it on a shirt, I also immediately printed it on the leg of trousers and I will surely use this one many more times. 

And that's it for our DIY digital design tutorial series!  Which one will you be trying out first?

Have you checked out ALL the pajama themed digital designs?

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Alright, see you tomorrow for something HUGE!!!

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