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Season 23 Week 1 Analogous Color

We're finally to Week 1 of Season 23!!!  The designers have really outdone themselves, so prepare to be amazed!!

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this post where you can vote for TWO of your favorite looks.

Sew a Little Seam - City Sunset

I learned a lot from this week's theme. I usually keep it pretty simple with my color choices, so it was a lot of fun to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. I'm not going to lie, I was intimidated starting out. I kept second-guessing myself, and my sewing space looked like a rainbow exploded, with every color of fabric I owned tossed across desks and chairs. I ended up basing my colors off a photo of a sunset. Mother Nature knows how to do analogous. I really liked how the colors came together in the end and I think I'll be trying out a lot more color combinations now!

The idea for my designs started with my daughter's sweater. She loves feminine looks, so I chose a pretty, delicate sweater knit and added a ruffle to the front in a V shape. Her shorts are the Linden shorts that I altered to have pleats at the front for a bit of extra detail. They have a flat front waistband and an elastic back for easy on and off. It also has slant front pockets, belt loops, and faux back flap pockets. To finish the shorts, I sewed up a yellow belt that could be tied in a bow at the front. I also made some sparkly yellow hair bows out of faux leather.

My son really loved the bright colors in his outfit and asked when he could wear it to school, so I'll consider that a win! The polo shirt was made using a combinations of my Birch Button Up shirt and the Movie Night Pajamas. I drafted a new placket piece to create the look I wanted and added the yellow bands to the sleeves for a pop of the accent color. I sewed on patches to the shirt front and used a pair of his old hockey skate laces to add just a hint of lime green to the inside of the collar and the vents at the side. The shorts are the Grady pattern. I added grommets to the waistband and used skate laces as drawstrings. My son loved the hockey lace details. The shorts have welt pockets, slant front pockets, a fitted waistband, and a button and zip front. My son is slim and his store bought pants are always pulled as tight as they can go with the adjustable elastic, so I love that he can have a fitted waistband that actually fits.

You can find more info and photos on my blog. Thanks!

That's Sew Kari - Simply Sweet

I can't believe Week 1 is finally here!!  My journey from receiving the theme to writing this entry has been, um, adventurous to say the least.  My ideas changed about eleventy billion times. I bought not one, but two complete different analogous color schemes (more on that on my blog...lol). AND my sewing room (okay corner of my bedroom) looks like a craft store blew up -HA!  So, without further ado, I present Week 1: Analogous Colors.  I'll admit it,  I had to Google it  (and just now writing this and misspelling it, I realized I'd been mispronouncing it for about 3 weeks...ha!)  These are the colors that sit beside each other on the color wheel.  So off I ran to Hobby Lobby to buy a color wheel which I lost misplaced somewhere in my room.
The colors I used for my entry are: Yellow-orange, Yellow, and Yellow-Green.   
These colors reminded me of Lemons and Pineapples.
For my oldest daughter, I used a yellow-orange DBP with white pin stripes for a long summer maxi.  I started with the bodice of the Capri pattern by Little Lizard King and changed the neckline to a regular scoop.  I also added a front seam so I could run my stripes at a 45-degree angle for added interest.  Then on the back, I added a scoop back between the straps and raised the strap attachments to mimic the front bodice.   I also free-hand drew the bottom curve, taking inspiration from the Magnolia pattern.  For the maxi skirt, I used the WOF in total, but added seams on both sides so I could add pockets.   Then I drafted a Pineapple Cell Phone Cross-body Purse with quilted body and a leafy portion on the front.
My younger daughter loves lemons (actually eats them like oranges...) so naturally she needed the lemon outfit.  I started off with the brand new Carmelo Dress by Little Lizard King and changed the neckline as well as the back, creating an opening that mimics the end of a lemon.   Between the bodice and skirt is faux piping from the yellow-green/white striped fabric from the top of the back bodice.   For the skirt, I pieced it together to include my self-drafted "Pucker Pockets" -- each pocket panel is just one piece folded accordion-style to create a pocket.  At the top of each pocket, I added a 3" channel of elastic.  I added a deep 1.5" hem and used a blind hem stitch.  My favorite piece of her outfit is the self-drafted Lemon Slice Purse that zips shut.   Then I grabbed my Cricut Maker and added a lemon slice iron-on on each side.

Life Sew Savory - Pops of Color

project run and play week 1: Analogous Colors color blocked shirts and ruffles from Life Sew Savory

I love that we are starting the first week with COLOR! Working with color on these dreary winter days just makes me smile. I've never made anything specifically with analogous colors, so I had a hard time limiting myself. In the end I made three looks, each with three colors, and some overlap. Orange ended up being the common thread in all three looks and I love them each individually as well as a collection.

Please forgive any strange looks in the photos, we ended up taking photos on a day with temps just above freezing, so my poor kids were literally freezing. I love the way the color of their shirts contrast the bleak landscape and the full look was just what I was going for.

color blocked shirt and project run and play week 1

All the patterns used in this post are free patterns from Life Sew Savory with a few fun edits. I used solid color knit fabric from my stash and from fabric.com to get a variety of colors from the color wheel to work with. I had made these rainbow felt circle garlands last year and they ended up being the perfect prop for our photoshoot.

clothing details for run and play

Let's talk about the boys shirts first. I used the boys basic free t-shirt pattern as the base. Jack's shirt was a basic color blocking with three colors and some basic geometric shapes. Color blocking is such a fun way to elevate a simple pattern.

The striped shirt Max is wearing was made from the same pattern with custom fabric. I love making my own striped fabric and first tried this technique on Pjs for the boys years ago. It takes awhile and it not a fast process, but being able to make striped fabric in the colors I want is so handy and I love the way it works here.

Rose's ruffle top was the girls swing top {another free pattern from my site} but pretty much only as a base. I changed up the neck with a super easy cheater V neckline and also lengthened a bit. Then I sewed ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles onto the top. I started with a 2" ruffle and each one after is longer than the one before. Each ruffle layer is sewed directly on to the shirt. I also added ruffles to the sleeves when I sewed to the shirt. We paired the top with some leggings {also a free pattern}

DIY stripes and color blocking method

I'm thrilled with how these looks came out and how they look together. My kids were pleased because they are comfy clothes made with soft fabrics. They don't always like everything I make, so it's a win when they do. Want more fun photos {and out-takes} from our cold photoshoot? Check out my full post here.

Tip Stitched - Shine Brite Like A Diamond


 As soon as I saw the theme for week 1, analogous colors, I knew I would be working in the blue/green/purple section of the color wheel. Miss Socialite is all about the blues right now (see her headphones, speaker and slippers-lol). She is also obsessed with anything "holo" or iridescent. So this outfit hits all of her must haves!


When I saw this oil slick holographic poly-spandex knit by Yaya Han at Joann I knew it was perfect. The metallic fabric contained all of her favorites; blue, teal, aquamarine and a bit of purple depending on the lighting and the angle. From there I pulled out the aquamarine and blue for the rest of the outfit. Both fabrics are light weight terry cloth from Cali Fabrics. At first I considered using ponte or a sweatshirt knit, however I wanted to use a lighter fabric so she can get a little more wear out of before spring officially gets here.


 The Dia Sweater pattern, by Misusu Patterns, has been in my pattern collection since Black Friday last year, but I had yet to sew it up. I love that the geometric design lends itself to color blocking, which was perfect for this theme. Plus I knew that the diamond would really stand out in the holographic fabric. She's a standout kinda kid, so subtle doesn't suit her. After a little sketching I decided on the color placement for the rest of the sweater and after I color coded my pattern pieces everything came together easily. I opted for the hi-low sweater length so that she can wear these over the matching joggers or leggings in the future.


For the joggers, which happen to be Miss Socialite's favorite thing to wear, I used Simplicity 8268 as a base. My initial plan was to hack the front leg into thirds (think thigh one color, knee another and the final on the calf), but as usual she had a better idea. Her suggestion was add a stripe down the side which gives a sportier look. I had to admit I preferred this to my plan so I went with it. To add the stripe I shaved about 1" off the outside seam of both the front and back leg and added 3" stripe the length of the joggers. As a result of losing the original side seam I had to move the pockets closer to the center front, but I was able to keep the original size. This is important because the more she can fit in her pockets, the less she will hand me to carry in mine! I hope you love this outfit as much as we do. Please visit my blog, TipStitched, to see more photos and read my full pattern reviews. I love the way everything pulls from the diamond, which shines almost as bright as she does! Hope to see you next week! ~Tiffany

Baby Nest USA - Stroke of Genius

When the theme “Analogous Colors” for the first week was announced, the first thing that came to my mind was my daughter’s love for arts and colors. My daughter Reine loves arts (both digital and paper). I knew right away that we should involve her art so she will have fun too! Yellow is currently her favorite color so I decided to pick the yellow tones and paired it with its complementary color - violet. My main piece is the sweetheart dress. I used Carmelo from Little Lizard King for the bodice since its scalloped back reminds me of a painter’s palette. I modified it to have braided straps and mashed the skirt of Little Lizard King’s Milton because the bias strips remind me of paint stripes. I used the purples I picked (red violet, violet and blue violet) for the straps and skirt pieces. I’m obsessed with pipings so I looked for the chunkiest cording I can find and made a piping from the violet fabric. I also used the same fabric to cover my buttons. The dress has enclosed waist seam and the bias skirt pieces were pieced together via French seam and Hong Kong bias closure. The hem is finished off with the same satin bias tape. Fabrics used were from Hawthorne Threads Sugar and Spice Which reminds me of marbled water colors.

An artist needs an apron too so I made a “grow with me” artist apron incorporating the colors yellow, yellow orange and orange. I used the Violette Field Thread’s Maddie Jumper as base. I modified it to have an adjustable neck and waist straps with snaps closure. I slimmed and straightened the side and hem and used the kangaroo pockets to hold paints, paint brushes and other artist’s paraphernalias. I made the pockets longer to accommodate the length of the supplies. I used Hawthorne Threads Colors Fabric Swatch for the pockets since the circles reminds me of a watercolor pan. I added beauty marks on the colors I used for this collection by adding hand embroidered flowers on each colors used. To make it fun and playful, I hand embroidered a peekaboo arts and craft supplies on the pocket. It was hard to find colors I love for my yellow tones so I end up doing ombre hand dyeing on a medium weight fabric that has paint splatter print from Hobby Lobby. To complete the collection, I made a Sailor Bow from Made for Mermaids. I modified the middle closure with the same braids I used for the dress. I hand embroidered brushes and dripping paint to make it personalized.  Since I want my daughter to get involved with the process, I had her do a fun art on a pair of blank canvas shoes. She decided to draw pincushion cactuses (very fitting!) with purple flowers and a sun representing the yellow tones. I also made shoe laces from the same purple fabric from the dress to tie it up together. My daughter even drew a cactus on a big canvas and digital art of her wearing the purple dress. 

It has been fun for me and my daughter to do this Art inspired pieces. We love them so much! I hope you do too! 

You can see more pictures, videos and behind the scenes here https://www.instagram.com/babynestusa/ and www.facebook.com/babynestusa and don’t forget to vote!

Boo & Lu - Sherbet Chic

I was so excited when I learned this weeks theme, analogous colors. The thoughts and ideas started pouring through my brain and I was SO excited to share these ideas with my little model, my 5 year old daughter Layla. I watched her face as I told her all of my ideas and I brought up a color wheel to explain what analogous colors were. She patiently waited as I finished my spiel and said to me, "Actually, mommy, I don't like any of those ideas. We are going to do it this way."
So, I threw out all of the ideas I had and sat down with her to come up with a plan. It is HER outfit after all! And thus, our week 1 design was born: Sherbet Chic.

Using my daughters 3 favorite colors, Yellow, Pink, and Orange, we created this chic analogous look.
We both sat down to look through all of the beautiful fabrics that Cali Fabrics has to offer. I love that they make it easy with their refined search feature. Now that we knew our colors for this look, we could filter our choices by each color.
We used a total of 4 different fabrics from Cali Fabrics to create this look.
Neon Pink Stretch Velvet, Neon Orange Midweight Stretch Ponte De Roma, White on Bright Yellow Polka Dot Bullet Liverpool Knit, and Yellow Floral Lace.

I used the Autumn Shift Dress pattern by Simple Life Pattern Company as my base for this look.
Layla insisted on lots of bows. She is very girly and if I would have let her wear a head full of bows with this look, she absolutely would have. I recently found a gorgeous runway dress that had a huge bow cascading down from the models shoulder. I knew that this was the look I wanted to achieve, while still keeping it practical for my 5 year old.
In order to create this look and have it look seamless, almost like it was crossing through the dress, I drafted a crossover bodice that I pleated at the side to give the illusion of a cinched bow center.
The bow was created using a gorgeous neon orange ponte de roma from Cali Fabrics. I added a sheer yellow lace overlay to tie the bow in with the yellow dress.
The blazer is my favorite part of this look. Layla's as well, she says it's the softest thing she's ever worn!

I knew from the start that I wanted a statement jacket for my daughter to wear. It's cold here! The tulip hemline allows the dress to peek out in the back in the most perfect way. I lined the jacket in the neon orange made my sleeves long enough that I could fold the hem up twice to give the illusion of large cuffs. I love that extra pop of color, and it helps to tie the whole look together. I was originally going to hand sew the cuffs down so they stayed folded, but then decided not to so that the jacket could be reversible.
Now onto my most favorite part of the look. The big yellow bow! I thought the big bow on the dress would be my favorite, but the yellow bow at the back of the blazer is what makes me most excited. (Okay, maybe I love bows more than my 5 year old).
The bow is hand sewn through the neon pink velvet fabric only so that my daughter could wear the jacket with either side out and no one would see the stitches. I stitched the bow down in multiple spots so that when worn it would not sag and maintain the same gorgeous shape no matter how much my daughter runs around and plays. I carefully placed it right where the blazer crosses over with each side of the tie laying on either side of the blazer.

You can read more and see more pics on my blog: Boo and Lu

Now it's your turn! Use the voting widget below to choose your TWO favorite looks for the Analogous Colors theme. 

  This week's guest judge, Katie Kortman is sure going to have her work cut out for her! Good think she's the color queen!

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