Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Project Night & Day Fabric: Day Dreams Colorway

 Of COURSE we designed a fabric collection to go with the Project Night & Day pattern collection!  This collection works perfectly with all the patterns in the collection.  These designs were created by Audrey and her 15 year old daughter.  

They had so much fun designing this collection, that they came up with 2 distinct set of designs, one for the day, and one for the night!  Today we're focusing on the Day Dreams set of fabric, and tomorrow we'll look closer at the Night Lights fabrics.

Click on any of the photos to be taken to the fabrics of Project Night & Day.  We are delighted to offer these fabrics in partnership with Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Day Dreams fabric from Project Run & Play

The Day Dreams set of fabric is full of everything you might find in the sky during the day time!  There are 8 different designs, each in several colors, and some fabric panels too.

Budding Day Fabric

One of the two hero prints is called Budding Day.  In it, monarchs frolic among flower clouds, cheery sunshine and flower water droplets.  

Budding Day fabric stack

This happy fabric comes in 4 happy color combinations.  Shown above with some of our rugby stripes and one of the ombre fabrics in the collection.

Monarch butterfly fabric

Perfectly coordinating with the Budding Day main print are the Monarchs, just flitting about on the fabric of your choice.

Monarch butterfly fabric

The Monarchs come in 4 different colors also with white, neptune, golden hour, and mist backgrounds.  Technically, only one of these is colored like a true monarch butterfly, but all are cute!

Project Night & Day fabric

Another blender fabric in the collection (that means it goes with everything!) is this Sunshine Fabric.  It's created with flowers that just radiate light and joy!

Sunshine Fabric

This fabric comes in 4 different color combinations, and all of them will make you smile.

Cloud Animals fabric

 The other main, hero print in the collection is Cloud Animals.  This fabric plays on the common childhood pastime of looking for (and finding) animal shapes in the clouds!

Cloud Animal colored fabric

Cloud Animals comes in 5 different color combinations.  Which one will you try first?

Cloud fabric

Coordinating with the Cloud Animals is the Clouds print.  It's puffy goodness will inspire you to sew everything!

Project Night and Day fabric

The Clouds print comes in 5 different colors, Clouds in Neptune, Clouds in Midnight, Clouds in Mist, Clouds in Clear Skies and Clouds in Sunrise.

Ombre fabric roll

Next up are the ombre fabrics!  The colors fade into each other back and forth across the fabric.

Sunrise fabric

There is Ombre Sunrise (on the left above) and Ombre Sunset (on the right above.)  They coordinate with every single fabric in the Day Dreams fabric collection!

Cloud tie dye fabric

And then, we have two tie dye fabric.  The one you see above began as a photo of cloudy skies.  It's called When Skies Are Gray.

Tie Dye sunset fabric

The other tie dye was created using a photo of the sunset.  It's called Sunset Stripe.  We're in love with each of these fabrics!

You are my sunshine fabric

Finally, we made panels to go with this collection!  These are super fun to use for so many projects!

T-shirt panels for boys and girls

The Day Dreams panels come in 4 different colors and have 3 fun sayings on each yard: Take Flight with Monarchs, You Are My Sunshine with a sunshine flower, and You Make Me Happy When Skies are Grey with a flower cloud and raindrops.

Thank you for checking out our Day Dreams fabric collection!  Come back tomorrow to see our Night Lights fabric collection.

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