Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Project Night & Day Fabric: Night Lights Colorway

 Thank you for your warm welcome to Project Night and Day, both the pattern collection and the fabric collection!  Yesterday we introduced you to the Day Dreams color way, and today we're sharing the details of the Night Lights color way.

Find all the Project Night and Day fabric here.

Project Night and Day fabric

This set of fabric is full of things you would discover in the night sky.  It is designed by Audrey and her 15 year old daughter.  We kind of want some of each design!  Let's take a closer look...

Growing Night fabric

The main print (also called a hero print!) in this collection is a mystical delight called Growing Night.  Luna moths flit among planets, moons and stars, all entangled with vines.  It's quite the hero, don't you think?

Growing Night fabric stack

Growing Night comes in 5 fantastic different color combinations.  

Luna Moth fabric

To coordinate with the Growing Night fabrics, there is Luna Moth fabric.  These guys are just too cute not to feature on their own fabric, right?  

Luna Moth fabric

The Luna Moth fabric comes in 4 different color combinations. 

Project Night & Day fabric

See how nicely the Growing Night and Luna Moth fabrics play together?

Celestial Fabric

Also coordinating with the Growing Night fabrics is this lovely Celestial print.  It's a moon and star, both wrapped in those mystical vines.

Moon and stars fabric

Celestial comes in 4 different color combinations on White, Nebula, Moon Rock, and Mars Red.

Constellation Fabric

The other hero print is Constellations.  All of the constellations that are shaped like animals are represented!

Animal constellation fabric

Constellations comes in 4 different color combinations.  Which one would you sew first?

Galaxy Fabric

The blenders to go with the Constellation fabric are the Galaxy prints.  This is such a fun and versatile print.

Galaxy fabric

We simply couldn't stop making color combinations for the Galaxy print, so there are 6 of them! ;)

ombre fabric

The Night Lights fabrics has ombre stripes, just like the Day Dreams fabrics.  They represent the sky when the Auroras can be seen.

Aurora Borealis fabric

On the left is the Aurora Australis fabric and on the right is the Aurora Borealis fabric.  So fun!

Nebula fabric

And just as the Day Dreams had some tie dye fabrics, so the Night Lights has tie dye fabrics.  And these are REALLY special!  These two fabulous fabrics began as photos taken in outer space of nebulas!!  On the right is a Bubble Nebula, and on the left is one named Mystic Mountain Nebula.  Talk about out of this world fabric!

Moon and Star graphic

Finally there are two sets of designs on panels in this collection.  This one has a moon, star and Luna moth and comes on Moon Rock and White back grounds.

Nebula fabric

The other set of night panels has 3 different sayings: A star is born, I need my space, and It's just a phase (with the phases of the moon pictured!)  These panels come on Midnight and White backgrounds.

Project Night & Day fabric collection

There you have it!  The Project Night and Day fabric collection!  Thank you so much for supporting our small business by shopping these fabrics.  We think they're kind of stellar!

Browse Project Night and Day fabric here.

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