Friday, April 26, 2019

Meet the Designer: Anne from Sofilantjes


Hi Everyone, My name is Anne and I design for Sofilantjes.  I’m currently 36 years old and live in the Netherlands.  Next to being the head designer and owner of Sofilantjes.  I am a mom to our three children.  We have one boy and two girls (plus a star up in heaven. But that is a different story.)  I’ve been designing for Sofilantjes for almost 5 years now and still love it.  Besides designing, I am also working on my photograpy skills.  Next to my job, my company, and the most important one, my beautiful family, there is not much time left to explore any more hobbies. 
When I founded Sofilantjes it was not to create a well running pattern company (though I am very proud to say it is now.)  I started designing to find my safe place.  At the time Sofilantjes was founded my husband was fighting cancer.  It was a hard battle that he had to do twice.  While he was fighting his own battle, I took care of him, the kids (two at that time), the household, my day job and had to keep my head on straight.  So I found something I loved and was good at.  Something I could do with so much passion and joy.  Something to make and keep me strong for all those people depending on me. 
 After my husband won his battle (it lasted almost two years all together) I had invested so much into Sofilantjes and lost my heart to it.  Now, about 5 years after our first pattern released, we have designed a lot of fun and beautiful patterns.  I write We because Sofilantjes is a team effort.  Not only is my family part of the team, my husband and my children (my models,) I have also made friends along the way who help.  They are pattern testers, group admins, social media assistants and co-designers in training. 
 So hi, my name is Anne. I am happy to meet you. Now lets have some fun. Because life is already much to serious…. ;-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Congrats on 5 years!

  2. Love this! So good to see the face behind the cool designs.


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