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Season 20 Week 3 - Truth or Dare?

Week 3 is already here!  And this week the theme is Truth or Dare?  What would you choose...to sew something save and TRUE that you know will work out because you've sewn it many times before?  Or would you DARE to sew new things taking exhilarating risks?  Let's see what the designers chose...

Käferlgschäft - Today you are you...

I have a favourite quote of Dr. Seuss, that follows me since my first son was born.
“Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive, that is youer than you.”

When I saw the photos of little E., I was overwhelmed and exactly that quote came in my head again. E. is such a character.  He is funny, calm, stubborn, lovingly, loud, angry, but – most of all – such a wise soul.  He isn ́t speaking yet, but his eyes tell it all. 

In a few weeks, it ́s E ́s baptism and I wanted an outfit, that is smart and casual.  I mostly sew with knit fabrics and – I really don ́t know why – I avoid non stretchy fabrics.
So the theme of week 3 was perfect to lay down my concerns and I chose to walk on new paths.  I bought a light canvas fabric and a really beautiful red woven fabric.  I also wanted to sew the shoes for little E, so I also got some thin leather in navy blue.

For the shirt I chose a pattern from Klimperklein and changed it slightly.  I moved the shoulder seam slightly forward and rolled the sleeves up.  I did not add a pocket, because I thought it would be too much for this outfit.  I chose matching blue buttons for the trousers. 

The trousers are a mixture of two patterns (“Kinkerlitzchen” and “Liebling Latz” from Lotte&Ludwig, one of my favourite pattern designer here in Germany.)  I love the look with the knotted ribbon at the back, which works fabulous for a little boy ́s outfit.  I cropped the original length of the trousers und also left out the front, so it looks like a normal trouser, but with suspenders for a vintage look.

To round up the look, I also created a little bow tie.  My heart melted, as I saw my little boy with this bow tie.  I mean, is there anything cuter?

I also wanted to sew matching shoes.  I love strappy sandals and in classic blue, they match perfectly to the outfit.  The pattern for these lightweight shoes is also from Klimperklein and I remembered a tutorial from “Made for Motti” how to change those shoes into strappy sandals.  I also added some openwork in Budapester style, which I love on shoes (I also own some). 

I hope you like my outfit as much as I do.  I am so glad, that I tried something new and that it turned out so well.  Thanks for all your votes so far, it makes me so happy to see such a bunch of creative people, who are sharing the same passion.

And always remember: “Today you are you...”

You can have a look on more photos on my fb site. www.facebook.de/kaeferlgschaeft or on instagram www.instagram.com/kaeferlgschaeft 

Iris May Patterns - A little truth, a little dare


Truth?  When I saw this theme appear, at first I had no idea how to get started.  The 'truth' is, all challenges during project run and play had been a 'dare' so far ;-).  I think this theme is open to many interpretations.  Let me show and explain you mine!  Truth: A pattern which I feel comfortable making is my Odeline.  A dress that looks beautiful in its simplicity.  I provided large pockets so that my girl could store all her sea treasures.  I finished the sleeves by folding them twice.  The fabric that I chose is also one in which I felt very comfortable.  A beautiful cotton fabric with orange stripes.  I played with the position of the stripes to get a more dynamic dress.  So for me Truth: simplicity adorns.

Dare: As a dare I designed a completely new dress.  I chose a bold color and made the dress in a bright orange viscose.  The most striking accent on the dress is the open back split.  To add this into the dress I used the method of the Vita dress from Beletoile and Kaatjesnaaisels.  I drew the 3/4 sleeves extra wide so that I could frown them just below the elbow.  The upper part of the dress was drawn a little higher on both center back and front.  Because this girl is also a big collector and she needed something to put all her shells in, I made a matching bag.


To complete the outfit I redesigned my Josephine cardigan into a loose, short cardigan with ribbon.  I made the cardigan shorter and finished it with facing instead of bands, the sleeves were also deepened, shortened and widened.  As a fabric choice, I challenged myself to go for a dark fabric with a large print, something I hadn't done for my girls before.  I hope you like my outfits! If you want to see more pictures and details, Click HERE to go to my blog!


MaMeMiMo - Luxury 

I’m having a great time, really.  Some of you have asked me why I accepted to participate in this contest when it leaves me little time to spend with my family and do my work and I will tell you that I do not regret it at all.  It has been both an intimidating and unique experience at the same time.  Also, the contest has allowed me to meet some extraordinary women.  This week we propose to play “Truth or Dare:” it is about sewing something that you have very handy, something that you control and that you know is going to look good or… get out of your comfort zone and sew something totally new to you.  As always the subject is very open and allows for each person’s own interpretation of the proposal.  In general in my sewing I like to use simple and clean patterns that are easy to sew, use, wash and iron; natural fabrics are my favorite.  Obviously I would like children to look good but I do not like “superfluous” things.  In my long list of creations you will find very little: flounce, glitter, sequin, pink or fabrics or designs that are very “girlish” or “boyish”.  I hate stereotypes.  For this proposal I wanted to sew something for my oldest child so I sat down with her to do some brainstorming.  I said to her: “Honey, what is it that mom would never sew for you?”  She very graciously looked at me with a face of pillage and said: “Something pink and bright, with glitter, and things that hang.”  Well it is already decided: I have sewn a set with pink, a lot of pink, and bright things and totally superfluous and expendable parts but at the same time I tried to still be “me.”


The set includes a tight short that closes with an invisible zipper and a hook and eye fastener on the side, with a scalloped hem.  It is a pattern from the Ottobre Design magazine adjusted to the measurements of my daughter and modifying only the shape of the hem.  It is sewn with a fabric that I found absolutely indescribable: pink, white and gold, brocade with a bright print and a wrinkled texture, 100% synthetic.  It is an upholstery fabric often used in making cushions and similar things for the home.

For the blouse I have started with a blouse pattern to which I have drawn the princess seam and I have sewn this seam and the Peter Pan collar with a fringe in the form of scales to match the short.  It is sewn with an ancient pink crepe with a lot of drape.  The buttons are very simple and I changed the original cuff by a piece of gold lurex rib.  I sewed a cardigan, too.  I used a golden lurex knit.  It includes a bias facing (I love this neat way to finish garments) and a hook and eye fastener at the center.  All the fabrics came from a Local store, Ribes & Casals, in Barcelona.

I admit that I love the whole outfit. In the past, I would have never bought either of the fabrics I used but now I feel very proud of how they look together and I am proud of the risk that I took.  They are far from my usual style but I think they are still very much mine.  We made the photo session as if it were a fashion magazine, I thought it was a fun idea and she enjoyed a lot using all my golden atrezzo jewelry.  Thanks for reading.  If you want to see more photos or more information about the clothes, do not forget to visit my blog.

Sofilantjes - Roar


 Have you ever looked at items some people sew and wonder how they do it?  Where did they find that magical spell to stop time?  Don't feel alone.  I have been wondering the same thing.  Every time I look at a new week of this competition I wonder how they did that.  I mean, I know how much time it took me to sew one outfit.  So if this outfit took me all week, how did they sew that in a week?!  This week especially was a huge challenge.  With my husband being away a few days, 3 kids and 2 jobs I spend my free time sewing, but I made it.  Pfew.  I just want to say, I love it.  This week I did something different.  I used almost all fabric with no stretch.  I choose the 'sew something different' and since I drafted new dresses the past two weeks, I decided to not draft anything new.  I used existing patterns or tutorials for everything.  Let's start with the jacket.  I used the Cicero jacket and changed it.  The jacket is made out of brushed leopard French Terry and to keep it as soft as possible I cut it without side seams.  Next I added a bomber collar to the neckline. I drafted a patch pocket and added a pleat to it.  The zipper, neckline and pockets are all finished with bias tape.  The waistband I closed by using a hand stitch.  No seams showing anywhere.  To spice it up just a tad I pressed some flex to the back that says 'Let the world hear you roar'.  I kept it in black so it would not stand out too much.  Just a little detail added.

The dress is made using a beautiful and very versatile pattern that I bought years ago and never used.  I chose the low waist option and pleated tulip skirt.  To match the pleats in the skirt I added seams to the bodice that I topstitched with topstitch thread.  I als topstitched the first part of the pleats.  The invisible zipper I made visible.  The back neck I changed from a V shape to a curved shape.  The fabric I used for the dress is a patterned jeans fabric.  The bodice is lined with a flower fabric I have cherished for a long time.  It is on the inside and knowing it is there just makes me love this dress even more.  The hemline was chosen by the Diva herself and of course I added a little elephant.  The elephant is sewn on top of a little piece of snap pap.

The leggings I made out of stretch lace with leopard spots.  But since I wanted her to be both comfortable and to be able to play without showing her underwear I cut the leggings pattern about 2 to 3" below the crotch and made the top part out of solid jersey.  To match her outfit I also made her a cute scrunchie and a matching reversible bag.  A girl needs to be able to take her stuffed animals along, right?  The bag is originally topstitched but I closed the straps by hand.

In all I am very pleased with the whole outfit.  The inside of it is almost better looking than the outside ;-) If you'd like to see more pictures or get more information about patterns used and fabric, visit my blogpost here. Thank you for this great opportunity and maybe I'll see you next week. Patterns: Cicero Jacket by Sofilantjes, Once Upon a Party Dress by IeneMiene, Bonny leggings M4M, Bag tutorial by Very Purple Person blog. 
Fabrics: Jeans bought at Stoffenfeest.  Leoparrd FT bought at Droomstoffen.  Lace from stash.

And now it's your turn!  Please support these talented European designers with your VOTE!  Their scores (and the prizes!) will be determined based on the following:
1/3 of the score is based on YOUR vote
 1/3 of the score by this week's celebrity guest judge Trine of Groovybaby...and Mama
1/3 of the score comes from the panel of judges

If you're inspired to link up your Truth or Dare creations for a chance to win some great prizes, you can do so right here.

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