Thursday, July 25, 2019

Delia for Project Nature Adventure

It's so exciting to present the 1st Project Run & Play fabric collection, Project Nature Adventure!  This week, we're introducing the designers who collaborated to create this collection, and giving sneak peeks of their designs.  Next week we'll share what we've created using these special fabrics, and preorders will open so YOU can get some of this amazing collection too!.

Today we're introducing Delia of Delia Creates, one of the fabric designers for Project Nature Adventure.  

Hi! I'm Delia. I'm a mom of three and creative blogger at When my two oldest boys were still in diapers I got the itch to teach myself how to sew. Over nine years later, that curiosity has turned into a passion and a business, and not just for sewing. I love exploring new mediums and was thrilled to be able to incorporate some of them in this design process, which is also a new medium for me. It has been such a privilege to learn the ropes of fabric design with a great group of makers.  

"Tide Pools"

Both of my designs are inspired by my home in Washington state. As a PNW transplant, I completely fell in love with the landscapes in this area and the adventurous lifestyle it inspires. I started a 100 days project of doodling possible future fabric designs (I only got to day 30 ha!), never really believing any of them would actually become fabric. I ended up turning one of those designs, inspired by the beloved tide pools near our home, into my very first block print. Two years later, that block print is now one of two of the fabrics I have designed for this collection! Talk about an adventure! ;)


I hope this collection inspires the adventurous spirit in you as well, in creative endeavors or on the trail!

xo, Delia 

Come back tomorrow to meet the next designer for Project Nature Adventure and to see a sneak peek of their designs!

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