Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lindsay for Project Nature Adventure

It's so exciting to present the 1st Project Run & Play fabric collection, Project Nature Adventure!  This week, we're introducing the designers who collaborated to create this collection, and giving sneak peeks of their designs.  Next week we'll share what we've created using these special fabrics, and preorders will open so YOU can get some of this amazing collection too!

Today we're introducing Lindsay of PA Country Crafts, one of the fabric designers for Project Nature Adventure.  

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I am a mother of six- five girls and their very outnumbered big brother! We live on a little wanna-be farm in Pennsylvania- PA as we call it around here.  I substitute teach and have a B.S. in Chemistry. While working on my degree, after a very tough semester, I sold back all of my old textbooks and bought the only sewing machine I could afford. Sewing was my stress relief that summer as I taught myself to quilt. When my first daughter was born I decided to continue my mother-in-law's tradition of sewing Easter dresses. Through the years, sewing has continued to be both therapeutic and a creative challenge. I also do a lot of other crafts including basket weaving, crochet, and painting.

"Clover Chains"

We spend a lot of time outdoors and my girls love to collect wildflowers. I love when tiny hands hold out bouquets of weeds picked just for me! Clover chains are often adorning necks, heads, and my house. Wildflowers are a big part of our adventures! 

"Wildflower Surprise"

First, I sketched some wildflowers in a simple, botanical line drawing style. Then, I traced them with a sharpie, scanned them, and began to edit on my computer. The clover chains went through several variations before I decided on simple circles. Eventually I also decided to add hidden elements to the wildflower design- ladybugs, ants, bees, butterflies, and four-leaf clovers. My children notice tiny details when we go on adventures, thanks to their short perspective and slow pace. I wanted the fabric to spark that same curiosity!

~ Lindsay

Come back tomorrow to meet the next designer for Project Nature Adventure and to see a sneak peek of their designs!

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