Monday, July 22, 2019

Introducing...Project Nature Adventure

As you might have noticed, the Project Run & Play event we all know and love is growing and expanding.  Most of this new growth comes in the form of collaborations among former Project Run & Play designers.  

Today we're proud to present you with the next collaboration...FABRIC!  Five designers from the Project Run & Play community have been working together behind the scenes to create a fabric collection specifically designed with children and their adventure-loving spirit in mind.

It's so exciting to present the 1st Project Run & Play fabric collection, Project Nature Adventure!  This week, we're introducing the designers who collaborated to create this collection, and giving sneak peeks of their designs.

Hi, I'm Audrey.  As the leader of Project Run & Play, I have the honor of coordinating these collaborations and participating in them too!  Tapping into the tremendous amount of talent represented among the role of past Project Run & Play designers for these collaborations is such a privilege!  One aspect of every Season is competition, but these designer collections show how these amazing women can work together to produce even greater things than they could individually.  It’s with great, great pride that I’ve been able to be a cheerleader and coordinator of this Designer Collection #2: Project Nature Adventure.

(Remember the incredible Designer Collection #1: Project Farmer's Market???)

The fabric I designed for this collaboration stems from my children's love of following animal tracks they find while exploring nature.  Sometimes they recognize the animal from the tracks, and sometimes it's a mystery they try to solve by reading the clues along the trail.

"Follow the Tracks"

This print uses 3 of the most common tracks we find locally.  As the tracks meander across the fabric, in and out of the watercolor stripes, adventures can be discovered if only you follow the tracks!

Next week we'll share what we've created using these special fabrics, explain the different fabrics substrates available, and preorders will open so YOU can create your own adventure with some of this amazing collection too!  Oh, and there's another jaw-dropping lookbook coming your way too...

Come back tomorrow to meet the next designer for Project Nature Adventure and to see a sneak peek of their designs!  

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