Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lisa for Project Nature Adventure

It's so exciting to present the 1st Project Run & Play fabric collection, Project Nature Adventure!  This week, we're introducing the designers who collaborated to create this collection, and giving sneak peeks of their designs.  Next week we'll share what we've created using these special fabrics, and preorders will open so YOU can get some of this amazing collection too!

Today we're introducing Lisa of Mabey She Made It, one of the fabric designers for Project Nature Adventure.  

Hi! I’m Lisa from Mabey She Made It.  I got my first sewing machine to use on paper crafts, but after just one fabric project I never looked back.  Sewing is my love language. I ’m also drawn to watercolor painting and designing, so designing watercolor fabric for this collection was a trifecta for me—and sewing it into clothes for my kids made it even better.  I love the process of pairing fabric and patterns that fit my kids’ personalities and preferences.  My sewing style leans toward classic, comfortable pieces they’ll reach for over and over in fabric they adore.


When I think of adventure, I think of camping. There are pine trees, a tent, a fire (with s’mores of course), and a lot of nostalgia thrown in.  So when we chose the adventure theme, I knew I wanted to include these elements.  I also knew I wanted to use watercolor as my medium.  I painted each of the elements separately and then arranged them into a scene that felt somewhat like finding and setting up a campsite—placing each bit until it was complete.

Once I had my motif complete, I played around with how to arrange them. I love the ease of a tossed print, but have always been drawn to geometric prints as well.  Using the strong base of the motif, I was happy to realize that they’d make a great secondary design (triangles) when viewed further away, with the great details up close. 

The small design of this motif is great for kids clothes and smaller pieces since the repeat is small.  It also incorporates a range of colors because of the watercolor, so finding a coordinate is a breeze.


When you’re camping, hiking is almost a given. Working your way up a trail into a clearing, you almost always find a tree line at the edge of the meadow with a variety of trees, bushes, and grasses. It just seemed like a watercolor tree line had to be my second design.

 I wanted the trees to be big and bold—almost like a patterned rugby stripe. It has a larger repeat, but can be used in small sections too.  Because of the scale and also the more subdued color palette, this print is great for simple, minimalist pieces that really show off the fabric rather than the cut lines. 

Use this print as a stripe, as an accent piece on a colorblocked garment, or cut out your favorite clump of trees for a fun applique or pocket. Use the tree line print as a tuxedo stripe for a pair of joggers. And it pairs beautifully with many colors since green is a natural neutral.

~ Lisa

Come back tomorrow to meet the next designer for Project Nature Adventure and to see a sneak peek of their designs!

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