Thursday, October 10, 2019

Kat for Project Street Style

Today we shine the spotlight on Kat of Sew Chibi Designs and the Senpai Bomber Jacket.
Hi there! I'm Kat, creator and pattern designer of 🌈Sew Chibi Designs🦄! In our little corner of the internet, we focus on fashion for the modern kawaii kid: full of off-beat details, bold colors, and clothes with a sense of humor!  My three girls are my muses and we are boundless with our inspiration,  constantly trying to change the perspective on what's accepted in the world of handmade kids fashion! If it's weird, playful, or rainbow-colored, we are there! 

In 2017, I started Sew Chibi Designs Patterns Shop! I create patterns that are suitable for both girls AND boys; from 12 months old to 16 years! We emphasize FUN when we make our patterns so that their personalities shine through when wearing them! I find it so important to incorporate my kids' ideas when I'm creating patterns and handmades because it makes them so proud to be a part of the process AND builds their confidence immensely. Our mission is to help all kids feel that confidence through their fashion and our patterns.

Meet the perfect, trendy jacket for your kiddo! The Senpai Bomber Jacket is like a cousin pattern to the Ichigo Bomber Jacket but has added features that include a boxier, roomier fit (not just for heavy-weight knits but even wovens too!) and is also slightly shorter as well. Plus, there are  options like an optional full lining for warm-wear, collegiate style numbers and letters appliqué templates for the jacket back, chest and/or sleeve, welt pockets and chest and/or sleeve pockets, and finally, an option for a hood with drawstring (which can be combined with the neckband or not). You can go crazy and make it exciting or whatever a simple staple piece that goes with everything! 

Streetwear is basically the center of the planet to me when it comes to design. I love how challenging and edgy it can get! What we, as individuals,  find artistic and what we choose to wear is such an incredible opportunity to showcase who we are. My girls and I mainly gain inspiration from the street-styles of places like Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei.  There is a plethora of gorgeous, thought provoking fashion over there, it really blows me away! 

"KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD" is the slogan where we live and it 100% is who we are as a family. We are on a constant quest for cool wall art and murals! One of my favorite parts of this city is that there are countless jaw-dropping murals around here and that are constantly going up. If I had to pick a favorite artist team though, it would, hands down be the guys behind 
rather severe. It's bizarre, playful, colorful… it makes you think "what the heck is going on here?" and I love that! Another runner up for me are the botjoy murals that ask questions like "How do you stay curious?" and "What brings YOU joy?"! I have used both in the past for photoshoot backgrounds and I'm definitely going to be using them in the future! 

I hope you all enjoy the Senpai and the rest of the incredibly versatile patterns in the collection! 
Want a sneak peek of the Senpai?  Head over to Sew Chibi Designs!!!

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